30 Rock renewed

5 04 2007

Huzzah! As the title says, my favourite comedy of this season has been renewed, despite shockingly low ratings. 30 Rock has averaged 5.8 million viewers this season, although it is up against two 20 mil+ titans in CSI and Greys Anatomy. It has now moved timeslot slightly, airing after The Office, another of those NBC shows that is well received by people in homes with income over $100,000 a year. (How do they get all these stats? I always write that I earn more than I actually do, just for the thrill of it). Today NBC president of Entertainment Kevin Reilly said:

NBC expects the show to continue to build its increasingly loyal audience and become another of NBC’s classic comedy series.

Yea good luck mate, against those two dramas. Maybe now with the promise of a full season and maybe more to come, this gem will be picked up in the UK. I think it would work after Scrubs on E4, after The Office on ITV2, or even in a post South Park slot on Paramount Comedy. But it would *not* work in any slot on any BBC channel. Sometimes you have to tell it like it is BBC, deal with it. Watch a classic 30 Rock clip after the jump, Jane singing “Muffin Top” with Ghostface Killah..




2 responses

5 04 2007
Corrupted Mind

How about 8:30pm BBC2 (Wednesday/Thursday night)?? That’s where Blackadder used to go… *just a thought*

6 04 2007

my comment about the BBC wasn’t so much about them not having a slot, it was more to do with their shabby treatment of smart US comedy over the years.

-The Larry Sanders Show
-The Garry Shandlng Show
-Curb Your Enthusiasm
-Arrested Development

The policy seems to be a couple of run outs in prime time, then shunted into a post 11pm slot, sometimes midnight. In recent years that post-midnight slot has been BBC4, a channel with 0 promotion.

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