Prison Break S02E22 – Sona

7 04 2007

I received an IM from a reader yesterday asking me where my review of the “lame Prison Break finale” (his words) was. I told him that it had been sitting in my drafts for about 4 days, I just couldn’t be bothered to finish it. I didn’t want to slap it together, like Paul T. Scheuring did with the script for this finale. I can’t remember them all now, but this episode had so many random elements thrown in, like men in a lab talking about Michael Schofield’s predisposition to escape, and the three main characters running from a murder that could quite easily have been explained as self-defence. They really seemed like they were pushed for time. After hyping it up all season I’ve decided that these guys don’t know how to tie things up properly while opening up a new chapter. What a disappointment. Anyway, there were a couple of things that were good. Michael taking the rap for a crime he didn’t commit was pretty good stuff. And the look of the prison he will be attempting to break out of next season seemed very different to Fox River. Unless he helped build it of course.




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9 04 2007
Corrupted Mind

Its all about keeping it v.real. This episode is the lamest in two seasons of Prison Break. What makes it particularly dissapointing is all the effort the writers made to get me here… 44 episodes in… excited, practically drooling for more yet all they could serve up was. Rant aside, the upside are we keep T-Bag, Michael and Mahone (probably the three best characters). We may get Bellick (he looked in a bad way in Sona) and Sucre (Ed, in your new “medical opinion”, he’s gotta die of shock and blood loss, no?) Linc and the Doc are now peripheral (pardons and freedom in hand) – And all the bad guys (except Mr Big have bought it.) The downsides… Why-o-why in the 21st century do we still have bad guys that soliloquise rather than finishing the job? All in All, Linc should have bought it. As should the Chinese Fed Agent. Mahone, who I liked all season, suddenly turned all mushy and wanted to run off with his wife… Sucre became the man who could not die… poor. I’m not going to leave without suggest how (in hindsight) this season could have ended… Bellick should have told Sucre where his woman was – he walks into the sunset a la franklin. T-Bag, as is. Mahone should have killed Linc and the Chinese guy but have been caught with the drugs as now. Both those arcs were over and the characters were boring. sarah should have been killed as the police pursued Michael who goes down for his part in killing Linc and the Chinese Guy (he would still be innocent no?) We still get left with SONA which in itself is a good idea but we get there without all the garbage in between.

9 04 2007

Yea, Lincoln being killed would have been good. He is a meathead, I’ve never come across anyone that likes him or thinks he was worth saving.

But if Lincoln *had* been killed, I imagine I would be sitting here writing about how pointless this whole program was, as Michael Schofield didn’t achieve his goal! Can’t win with me.

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