Video of the Week – Alanis Morissette’s Humps

7 04 2007

What can I say about this clip. I don’t even know for sure why she has done it, but I like to think it’s because she hates Fergie’s brand of shit-hop as much as everyone that buys chart music loves it. Does Alanis Morissette even make records any more? Because I think there is a career to be had in parodying crap songs and making them better. Hell I’d buy an album of that! Wouldn’t that be ironic? No.

Watch the clip after the jump.



2 responses

7 04 2007

And this from a women who done a whole music video nekkid. This is just too bizarre heh

8 04 2007

I found this and posted it on my blog a few days ago – after I fell about in stitches watching it!

The whole song takes on a *spooky* tone the way she sings it – oo-er!

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