Entourage S03E13 – Less than 30

9 04 2007

I’ve always resented Entourage being called a comedy. Not only because it conflicts with some shows that I think are truly funny at awards time, but because I have never really cracked up at the program to be honest. It’s always been 28ish minutes of relaxing watching, nobody gets killed, nobody is from the future, nobody is trapped in a soppy love triangle. It has straddled genres comfortably for two and a half seasons.. until this episode. It was damn funny.

I have become very familiar with the dynamic of Entourage, and we all know the saying about it breeding contempt, so it was good to see a big change that, by the time we meet our heroes, they are all settled into to. The beautiful Carla Gugino is now on board as Amanda, Vince’s new agent, and he is most definitely going to sex her by the end of this sentence. The chemistry was there, and they dropped in a few hints (the psychic thing when the phone rang) to suggest that Vince may even fall for her. Hmmm, don’t want another Mandy Moore situation.

Drama was very proud and was doing all but shout it from the rooftops, although nobody was listening. I expect his new show “Five Towns” to fail miserably, its the only way the story can go for a loser like Johnny.

Those of you who read my rant on product placement a couple of months ago probably thought I would be seething by the final scenes of the episode. Turtle is way over budget planning Vince’s birthday party, so has the idea to sponsor the whole event, and have the party pay for itself. But I thought it was a really clever idea on HBO’s part, now I can’t get the Victoria’s Secret models out of my head. Or Skyy (is that how you spell it?) Vodka, although I still prefer Cloud Mir personally.

Turtle was a bit of disappointment, the only person who hasn’t really grown since season one. In fact he did grow, but he just seems to have regressed into “events organiser”, which is cool but las season he had big plans.

But the main thing was that the writing was sharp and witty, with enough one-liners to make you think you were watching Tony Soprano’s men breaking balls. All in, it was a welcome return for the show with everybody back on top form and Ari finding a female equivalent to spar with for the rest of the season with a bit of luck. Til next time people, I’m off to buy some panties and drink some hard liquor.




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9 04 2007

I’m so glad VInce and the gang are back!

23 04 2007
Entourage S03E15 - Manic Monday « Me and the TV

[…] her muscles as Vince’s new agent, demanding an answer from Vince and Eric on a script. As I predicted a few weeks ago, the sexual tension between Amanda and Vince grew to a point where they decided to sleep together, […]

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