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11 04 2007

I thought I would read this article even though I don’t think it was particularly accurate. It’s called “is iTunes changing the way 20-somethings watch TV?” and is a half assed look at the reason young people are leaving TV in their droves, combined with data from the iTunes chart and testimony of some college students.

We all know that for every one of those people buying last night’s episode of Battlestar Galactica, there at least 100 that have already used Bittorrent to watch a better quality version. and that figure is rising too fast to count as bittorrent gets so easy to use a shaved monkey could do it.

And speaking of making torrents easier, I found a new app today that can schedule your TV shows to download as they become available, without you having to lift a finger. I’ve only half got it working at the moment, as I can’t remember if I subscribed to House or not last night. Meh, details. Click here for the app to ease the pain on your mouse finger. I hear there is something similar for Windows users, but I’m not going to look for it.

Still on the subject of Bittorrent, an interview here with Tom Loosemore, head of New Media at the BBC reveals their plans “out-pirate the pirates” with a DVR that records one channel constantly for a month with its spare tuner. Other users would record a different channel, a constant stream, for a month. Then (and heres the clever part) if you wanted to watch anything at all from the last month on any channel, your machine would find it on somebody elses machine (or lots of machines) using the power of Bittorrent! Sounds good to me! Read the article here.




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11 04 2007

Good find on that TVShows app. WIll load it up and see how it works!

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