Peep Show Series 4

12 04 2007

As a Brit, this is a comedy to be proud of in 2007. So original and funny, and made with a great deal of effort and a painstaking attention to detail. If you are reading this from anywhere other than the UK, you will probably recognise the two main characters from the UK versions of the “Get a mac” ads. Rather than me explain the premise of this show to you, I’ve decided to bend my copyright rules and show you the last episode of Season , just to give you an idea of what to expect when Peep Show returns this Friday on Channel 4. see, some shows can make it past 12 episodes and still be funny. You just need to make the effort! watch the video after the jump, and check out the three season recap on my vodpod.




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12 04 2007
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15 04 2007
Corrupted Mind

I got the 3rd degree from some girl at my workplace who “…simply can’t believe a ‘tv head’ like me hasn’t watched it…” thereby peer pressuring me into buying seasons 1-3 on DVD from for £15. In the infamous words of one Mr A. Schwarzenegger “Wait here…I’ll be Back!!”

15 04 2007
Robert Jackman

Thanks for the video – it’s fantastic episode.

I reviewed Peep Show Sereis Four on my blog. Let me know what you think:

Thanks 🙂


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