30 Rock S01E19 – Corporate Crush

13 04 2007

Friday mornings are now officially 30 Rock time for me. It has settled into a funny groove, the writers have become very comfortable with this set of characters, and it really shows. Wait, scratch that, I sound really up myself. Let me just tell you what I liked about the ep.

This episode featured a lot more continuity than usual, and I liked it. If this means an end to the attempts to draw in new viewers, and more callback references and meta-humour count me in. In the aftermath of the “salute to fireworks” debacle, Jack had his position as Head of microwave oven programming taken away from him, sending him into a depression. He visited Christie’s auction house, where he met a woman who, if she wasn’t English, had a damn good accent. She had too many lines not to come back later in the episode, and by the end we realise that she may be a new member of the cast. I won’t give away why in case you haven’t seen the ep (Why haven’t you seen the ep??). My favourite quote of the episode came from Jack in the art gallery:-

I’m not a creative type like you, with your work sneakers and your… left handedness.

He’s talking about me! I wear sneakers (trainers to me!) to work, and I’m a penniless creative type, and I’m also left-handed. and “His name is like my name!”. If there is one thing the writers are struggling with, it’s writing a storyline that involves all the characters on the show. I don’t know if focus groups or internet opinion have swayed them in anyway, but we are seeing a lot more of Kenneth, and a lot less of Two-fer, Cerie .It would have been very hard to match up to the belly laughs of last weeks episode, but this was a good try. I wonder how this “Avian bone syndrome girl” storyline is going to pan out… either way, it has been a great season and I hope there aren’t any major changes going into season 2. except for more Cerie!

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2 responses

14 04 2007
brian w

“he met a woman who, if she wasn’t English, had a damn good accent”—Hey, wasn’t that Emily Mortimer?

17 04 2007
Edward Lacdao

All I got to say is bring on Fat Bitch Too!!!

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