Video(s) of the Week

15 04 2007

Some stiff competition for the coveted video for the week spot, which is usually just one video. But this week I came across 3 things I wanted you to check out, so it’s up to you whether you, you know… do it or not. It’s my blog and I’ll post what I want to.

The first is a video of a pelican eating a pigeon whole in St James Park, London. I don’t think it needs any more explanation, evolution is going wild people. By the way I got the clip from inside the globe, a blog that happens to be written by none other than my fiancee, who is hilarious in her spare time.

If Ken Livingstone wants to win back the support of the people, he needs to deliver at least 20 pelicans to every borough.

The next clip is a music video. Yes thats right, music artists still make them and many people even sit and watch them, sometimes continuously for pleasure without payment. What an age we live in.

And finally, the funniest man on TV today (fact) Will Arnett lends his voice to one of the fake trailers in between the double feature that is Grindhouse, Tarantino and Rodruigez’s revival of a long dead cinema art form, the crappily made back to back gorefests.

Excuse the poor quality, the least you can expect of a cinema audience in 2007
is to keep quiet, they all know there are about 3 camcorders going and peoples livelihoods riding on the end product! Bah!



One response

15 04 2007

For lots of Will Arnett, perhaps the funniest man on the big screen, as well, come and see the Will Arnett Research Project at

That pelican video is messed up.

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