24: what next?

18 04 2007

Rumours of 24‘s demise have been somewhat exaggerated. Despite the promising start to season six, it quickly degenerated into a shambles, with nobody caring if the nukes exploded, or whether anybody other than Jack actually survived. For me, 24 has turned into one of those programs I watch while I’m doing other things, like laundry or basket weaving. But this week (or maybe many weeks ago) the producers decided to cut this nuke storyline short and focus on his ongoing war with the Chinese.

This has the effect of making this Seasons 24 less of a show about a man trying to stop one bad thing happening before the day is up and more into a show about “things that Jack does over a 24 hour period”. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it just doesn’t really need a clock anymore.

So I found a bunch of articles by critics suggesting they should quite while they are ahead (4 good seasons, 2 bad), but the chances of that are almost non-existent, not while Rupert Murdoch likes making money. The Televisionary suggested some things that I agree with, including no more moles, and Chloe cheering up. TV squad had an interview with one of the producers who said the writers were bored to death of the nuke plot. MSNBC went as far as saying 24 is one of the five shows on US TV right now that should be cancelled. But they would say that. TV guide even wrote an obituary for the show.

My personal opinion is that there is still life left in the franchise. They should give Season 7 the Casino Royale (Sony version) prequel treatment, strip it down, bring back his wife and Kim, Nina Myers, with all the knowledge that we now have of her. Even put Chloe in the mailroom. Let’s find out what made Jack the way he is today. Then do the movie and call it a day. If anyone at Fox wants to talk to me about my (now copyrighted) ideas, they can call me on 1-800-I’M-A SCRIPTWRITING-GENIUS.




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3 05 2007
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