South Park S11E07 – Night of the Living Homeless

19 04 2007

I was just talking to someone yesterday about Randy Marsh and how funny he was, and lo and behold, we get an episode filled with his own brand of overreaction and crazy babble. The last time Randy lost the plot, in the ep “Something Wal-Mart this way comes”, we had classic scenes like when he rubbed his nipples against the glass in his dream like state while thinking about Wal-Mart, which I can’t find a clip of right now.

In this episode, which despite the title borrows heavily from Dawn of the Dead, we are treated to a scene of Randy becoming surrounded by homeless people asking for spare change, and then fighting them off before barricading himself in the community centre. I don’t know if it’s the animation, or the voice, but it had me cracking up, he is so over the top.

The premise is the plight of the homeless, and their sudden dramatic increase in the town of South Park. Again there is a scene where randy has a little aside straight out of a crap movie “they’re multiplying, and copying our DNA”, which made me chuckle.

Everybody agrees that if you give the homeless money they will just multiply and come back for more, so when Kyle gives a homeless man outside his house $20, the next morning he finds 10 of them skulking around his doorstop. As the problem gets worse he blames himself for the outbreak, and goes in search of the source which, as always with South Park, is the thing you least expect it to be.

There is a weak subplot about Cartman jumping homeless people on his skateboard, but thats not too funny. Randy is the star of the show this week.

If you didn’t catch it, you can watch it in the vodpod from later today, or buy it from itunes tomorrow.




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20 04 2007
Corrupted Mind

“Naggers, ugh yeah – its obvious. Naggers… Right…”

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