30 Rock S01E20 – Cleveland

20 04 2007

I can’t write too much about this, because I’m sitting at my desk at work on the oh-so-brief lunch break that they provide. I just watched this ep in a quiet open plan office with headphones on, and nearly exploded in my attempts not too laugh out loud. I was creating new noises out of my ears, nose and maybe even my eyes.

The transformation of this program is almost complete, and the bold gamble of turning it into a show about the relationship of the two main characters has paid off to the point where the one-liners aren’t the best thing about it any more. Don’t get me wrong, there are still killer one-liners.

I don’t know what you’re on about, you daft wanker!

was the best of a very good bunch this week. I guess if you are watching it you don’t need me to tell you the plot, and if you aren’t watching I can’t really explain whats going on, other than to say the writers are taking risks, pushing boundaries. And they are doing it every week. This is anything but run off the mill people. And there is still no UK pickup yet, although I heard a story about one broadcaster who I am very close to rejecting it because it wouldn’t rate. And it wouldn’t, so no arguments there I guess. So if you are in the UK, just download it I guess. As long as it hasn’t been bought, it’s not harming anyone right? Right? “pooooft” (the sound of any potential job for me at NBC Universal going up in smoke!)




One response

21 04 2007

havn’t been cheered up by a programme like i just was with that episode in absolutely ages. dying to know whats gonna happen with stacy gordon. bloody brilliant.

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