The Simpsons turn 20

20 04 2007

20 years ago last night, The Simpsons made their debut on The Tracey Ullman show as a one minute short. I have been there from about Season 5, when the wonders of Sky satellite came into my house. That summer (93?, 94?) I watched every ep up to that point, and knew I had found the TV program for me. I have watched the golden years again and again on DVD, Channel 4, Youtube, I wrote about them for my university dissertation, and my tastes have changed immeasurably as I have grown older and (some would say) wiser. But this clip is as funny today as the first time I watched it. It was a close call (I’m on my way was a close second), but here is my favourite moment from the last 20 years. I think it encompasses everything that The Simpsons is about, and if you can’t take anything funny from it, you are dead to me. Seriously. Watch the video after the jump.

If you still want more here is an article highlighting their achievements over the last 20 years.




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21 04 2007

Its a dog with a puffy tail!

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