Entourage S03E15 – Manic Monday

23 04 2007

This episode saw Jeremy Piven at his best after a couple of impoverished weeks by his standards. There was a great monologue in the therapists office to add to his list of killer speeches, and a scene of him crying to a slideshow of “Vince and Ari” pics. Hilarious. By the end, when he has come out of his mini-crisis and fired an employee, he is at the top of his game, with the crazy body language we know and love.

We also got to see Carla Gugino flex her muscles as Vince’s new agent, demanding an answer from Vince and Eric on a script. As I predicted a few weeks ago, the sexual tension between Amanda and Vince grew to a point where they decided to sleep together, complete with a will they/won’t they cliffhanger ending. If this was Lost, we wouldn’t find out if he sticks it to her until season four. And then it would turn out they were brother and sister. Bleeeurgh.



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