The Simpsons S18E17 – Marge Gamer

23 04 2007

Remember that South Park episode 5 years ago called “Simpsons Already Did it”, where they rehashed a couple of Simpsons plots to prove that there is no point worrying about plaigarism in animation, because The Simpsons have done everything, and even borrowed plots themselves? No? Well I do.

Earlier last year (or maybe late last year, I forget) South Park wrote an episode about online RPG World of Warcraft, and its immersive effect on society and more accurately, the four main characters.

There is a chance that the Simpsons showrunners had the idea around the same time, but because of the lead time it takes to produce a new episode of the show, they now appear to be behind the times with the satire.

In this ep Marge became addicted to an MMORPG, to give them their full name, and found that most of the town play, along with her son. Bart is “Shadow Knight”, who goes around killing people in the game quite violently, I can imagine Sky are going to have to take a few frames out, mainly of lopped off limbs.

the other plot of the episode involved Lisa playing soccer with Homer as a coach, which I also thought covered ground already tread, this time by the family themselves in the episode that was banned from British TV for quite some time, Cartridge Family. There was a cameo from (the real) Ronaldo, with some funny lines, but also some of his dialogue embarrassingly looped. Hey, English isn’t his first language, he did a good job.

Anyway, there was a feel good message at the end that brought it all back home. Turn off the PC, and go play outside for some real exercise. I don’t agree with this message one bit. Stay in and read my blog.




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25 04 2007

“The Cartridge Family” was dropped by Sky for a while, yes (BBC2 was less bothered by it, and thus it’s the only episode of the show to date to have been shown on terrestrial TV in the UK first).

25 04 2007

I remember being so desperate to see it, and when I eventually did (on VHS that I bought, before it was aired on BBC) it was a case of.. is that it?

I also remember not being impressed at their Mexico v Portugal joke, regarding them playing to be Champons of the world. As if it’s somehow funny that a small country could be champions at anything. worst joke ever.

It was a crazier time back then, when you had to abide by the rules of he country you were watching TV in. I could not even tell you the last time I watched an episode of The Simpsons, New or repeat, on Sky One.

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