Heroes S01E19 – 0.7%

25 04 2007

The days of me reviewing/recapping/whatevering this program objectively are long gone. I just sit there waiting for the magic to happen. I love the ideas, they seem to have had a clear vision from day one that they are sticking with, and is all becoming clear now. I may have mentioned this before, but I can draw comparison from the most ludicrous soap opera of all Sunset Beach, the way that almost every scene ends on a cliffhanger, and comes back at the exact moment they left. Love it.

Last night’s episode was no exception, with Malcolm McDowell’s opening monologue reminding us of every characters status before the break, as moments trapped in time.

Nikki/Jessica and D.L’s story became slightly interesting, with Micah (that’s how I’m spelling it) needed by Linderman for reasons unknown. Although I reall don’t like that shapeshifter woman. Not her per se, just the idea of a character that can change into anyone at any time. It can make for some sloppy writing and easy get outs.

Peter Petrelli’s fight with Sylar was awesome, I was on the edge of my seat. How big is the budget for this show?? It just seems like the special effects are more of a movie quality, less of a babylon 5 quality.

as you can see from the above, it’s just ramblings right now, there is no point trying to decipher anything for it. I read somewhere that the script for the finale was perfect, everybody was happy with it. I’m sure the Prison Break  people said the same thing, so I’ll hold off until I see it.

Heroes isn’t perfect by a long way, I have two major gripes. the dialogue has never improved, and it makes me feel uneasy in the sense that I feel it is being written for people that don’t understand subtleties, the type that need points ramming home until they get it. The other thing is Sylar. Maybe its because he played tori Spelling’s gay best friend in her ill-fated crappy show, but he has never seemed in the least bit scary to me. This week when he delivered a line about Peter’s invisibility, he was this close to sounding like a villain from the 60’s version of Batman.

For more Heroes hype read this article from the Guardian. That’s right, two Guardian articles in two days. Am I that liberal? When it comes to suburban strip clubs, I guess I am!




One response

26 04 2007

i love the fact that the effects are really well done and actually very few and far between for a ‘superhero’ tv show, so the budget might not actually be that big, just well spent.
but yeah if sylar is meant to be scary youre right he sucks at it, and i havent even seen that tori spelling thing.

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