European iTunes news

28 04 2007


Two little things about TV shows and movies on the iTunes store in the UK. Firstly, the company that own the company I work for (huge conglomerate that some people like, a lot of people hate) have been asked to make TV shows ready for the UK store. I know how vague that sounds, but it’s better than nothing right?

And secondably (!), Apple’s vice-President for Europe, Pascal Cagni, has confirmed that movies will be available on European iTunes stores by the end of the year. I originally wrote that it would happen by the Spring, but… what are you gonna do? There is a month of spring left anyway. Or “Printemps”, to Mr Cagni.



One response

28 04 2007

What I want to know is what type of tv show content is going to be released on the UK itunes store. Maybe you know but the we’re never going to get the archive of american content of US TV Shows. And BBC cant publish any of their stuff for profit again as far as I know. So you’re left with ITV. Cant think of too many things of interest to me there. And then you’ve got Channel 4. Oh good, daily updates and best of Big Brother. Now if hey published cutting edge or Dispatches, that would be good.
I’ll stick with the US store methinks….

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