Youtube on Apple TV

31 05 2007

Didn’t I write about this a few months ago? Or at least, something very similar. Yesterday Steve Jobs announced new functionality for his floundering Apple TV product. With a firmware update due in mid-June, Apple TV users will be able to watch Youtube videos from the comfort of their sofa. “But I can already do that with my Wii, and it’s pixelated crap”, I hear you cry. Well Apple are in the process of transcoding all videos on Youtube into H.264, their codec of choice. And if it appears in a window like the interface above, that shouldn’t look too bad at all. Apple also announced a HDD upgrade, with a 160gb Apple TV available to order in readiness for all the HD episodes they could/should be offering by the start of the new season. No sign of it on the UK apple store though.

And if you have read about all of this already (and lets face it you probably have), you will be happy to know that TV episodes on the UK itunes store are a mere “weeks” away. I can’t reveal my sources but from the looks of things there will be quite a selection.

Whats New(s)?

29 05 2007

Now that the US TV season is over, I’m struggling to think what to write about. Lots of little things happening and nothing big.

Now that the broadcast season is over, I was really looking forward to my Sopranos + Entourage double header, but neither aired this week, due to a holiday or some such. I should really pay more attention.

Ben Silverman is in talks to take over from Kevin Reilly as head of (microwave oven) programming, or a similar flashy title at NBC. While Mr Silverman’s pedigree is fantastic, you can’t help but spare a thought for the guy he is replacing. Mr Reilly stuck by The Office when it was failing, gave the greenlight to Heroes and 30 Rock, and stuck by the latter in the face of appalling ratings, and has done some other things to be proud of. Like cancel Joey. So he had some good shows on his hands, which is always the hardest part. Maybe its the marketing guys, or the scheduling department that should be walking the plank tonight. EDIT:- OK I’m reading he jumped before he was pushed. I wonder if he still gets his monies…

Speaking of NBC, I just watched an (below average) episode of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip that came in at 36 mins. In a hour of television, 24 mins was commercials. How do Americans sit through that?

In Venezuela “el presidente” Chavez closed down a TV network that was outspoken against his leadership. Can you imagine Tony Blair shutting down the BBC? What would happen? that’s right, riots have just broken out in downtown… Caracas? (Quick peek at google Earth) Yes, Caracas!! I still know my capitals!

Other than that I am just checking Mininova every other day for pilots to appear, otherwise I have nothing to tell you guys. So if you find any pilots and you want to send them my way, leave a message in this post. I promise they will get a thorough reviewing.

Clark and Michael

26 05 2007

Remember when I told you that Michael Cera had signed a deal with CBS to write and star in an online comedy? and it was going to air exclusively on CBS’ online venture, innertube? You do? Well that’s amazing, because I was meaning to write about it but I never got around to it.

The program is now available, but not through innertube as originally promised, instead it is being shown on a whole new site which is pretty slick. Click here for the magic.

Lost S03E22-S03E23 – Through the Looking Glass

25 05 2007

I just this second finished watching it.  I am almost speechless, that was the sort of episode that made Lost the most talked about program on TV. For spoiler reasons, my thoughts after the jump.

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24 05 2007

I have become so bogged down in the minutiae of season and series finales that I haven’t found the time to write about Scrubs (bad), 24 (ok), Heroes (better than average) Smallville (normal) or some other shows that I can’t remember right now.

But I am hearing good things about Lost. Very good things. I read a headline today about last nights third season finale “Through the Looking Glass” that said If You stopped Watching Lost, It’s time to come back. I like those kind of headlines.

I cooouuuld watch the normal versions, but if it really is that good I’m going to download the 1gb Matroska files and get some of that crystal clear HD action happening. While I’m waiting I will watch the last two episodes of Veronica Mars. boohoo.

What I’m Watching Tonight…

22 05 2007

Well tonight in the loosest sense, I’m kind of watching some of it now.

The final 2 hours of 24 (S06E24), that I am forcing myself through. It’s been so disappointing, but like I said last week, it is very hard to surprise the audience these days… yeah, we’re so savvy. I just choked my way through the first hour, and I am struggling with the final ep. Decided to write about it instead, much better. The words of comic book guy come to mind “Needless to say I was online within minutes, registering my disgust to the world”. Indeed.

Heroes (S01E23). How do you stop an exploding man? I guess I will find out. It took great willpower not to watch this alone this afternoon, but where’s the fun in that? So I’m waiting for people to come home so we can jump around the room together when it’s finished pretending to use our super powers. And I wonder why I don’t feel like a grown up.

I watched the first two episodes of Gavin and Stacey (S01E03), and although they didn’t make me laugh, there was something about it which made it stand out from the usual BBC Three budget drivel, so I’m sticking with it. I don’t know what night it’s on in TV land, check your local listings.  Watch a promo for it after the jump.

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Family Guy S06E18 – Meet the Quagmires

22 05 2007

The season finale of Family Guy was much the same as the whole season, or even the period since the show returned from cancellation. Lots of cut scenes, recurring themes, about 5 minutes of story and one laugh out loud moment.

This weeks story had Peter contact Death in an attempt to send him back to the 80’s to a time before he knew Lois, so he could fool around like he never got the chance to in his youth. So he goes back to 1987 (I presume) and blows off a date with Lois to go partying with a slap-happy Cleveland, and ends up kissing Molly Ringwald.

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