Primeval backlash

1 05 2007

Well I didn’t see this coming. Ok I did. It seems my thoughts on the first episode of ITV1’s “Family Sci-Fi” TV series Primeval are coming under fire, and whats more, I have an inkling the rage is coming from somebody who worked on the show. At a guess I would say he worked on the graphics. If I was to guess again I would say his name is Matt Fox. and If I was given three guesses (what kind of stupid guessing game is this) I would say that he was happy with the finished product of Primeval. Which in my book makes him ripe for ridicule. Read the post after the jump (off).

Any family sci-fi TV series that attempts to start showing when ‘Doctor Who’ is on TV will always face a stiff task. But it’s hardly any wonder that reviewers are constantly complaining about the standard of some TV programmes, if the reviewers are as biased and sarcastic as this one is.
This review seems to dismiss Primeval’s chances without having seen the whole series; an experienced TV journalist would know that this is at best unwise, and at worst blindly ignorant of the way shows evolve and develop).
Let’s not forget that the entire point of family shows like ‘Primeval’ is not to provide a harrowing portrayal of domestic violence, racism or terrorist atrocities. The reviewer would clearly find such violence and bloodshed more thrilling, if he is forced to describe decent family entertainment as “doggy doo doo” (note infantile vocabulary: clearly being able to write anything at all on the internet does not improve writing ability).
Firstly, I will be honest, and say that a five-year-old could write a more honest review than this one (probably with better spelling).
Alternatively, I could recommend that the critic sorts out his private life and leaves the rest of the world in peace. “Me and the TV” really sums it up rather nicely, does it not?
Plus, this is the first time I have ever visited this website. I had expected some honest and constructed reviews. Instead, I find myself reading this travesty of a third-rate TV guide. I will not be visiting this site again, and how many people will?

I have a few comments on his diatribe, and I think I can manage them without resorting to personal insult. First of all, does he seriously think that hiding behind the moniker of “family entertainment” is enough for Primeval to be this bad? Thought can be paid to the dialogue, characterisation and/or visual effects in the family entertainment genre, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Second of all, don’t take things so personally Matt. Just because I can’t adequately express how poor Primeval it was doesn’t actually make the program any better.

And finally, the way you describe my private life, grammar and spelling, infantile vocabulary and more, surely ITV1 and it’s slew of quality shows should be just the outlet for me? Answers on a postcard, or at the bottom of this post, whichever is cheaper for you I guess.




6 responses

1 05 2007
Chris Mohan

So in order to pass comment you need to watch a full series? Even if its tripe. The very premise of commercial tv is that you need people to watch. People dont ‘have’ to watch it every week.

I thought this was a blog. A collection of thoughts. Usually impulsive. When I write my own, its usually in reaction to something I thought the night before. I dont plan it a week in advance. Not much planning.

As for infantile, I think the personal attacks and name calling say it all.

1 05 2007

I really did touch a nerve with this guy.

1 05 2007
Corrupted Mind

Ed don’t take it personal… even though he took it there… Fact is, if he was convinced that his work would stand up to scrutiny (and that your opinion is sooo important) – he could (should) have sent you the full (or preview) series on DVD. How difficult could that be? If you change your mind, you write that in your blog and more importantly, thank them for making the effort. As a writer myself, your work should be your calling card – not a diatribe anywhere (ordinary press or blog), also a thick skin is required as everything cannot be to everyones taste.

On primeval itself – it was a poor show, unoriginal concept, poorly executed and generally badly written. For any readers needing further detail. The writing was very bad and the characters seemed very plastic. The story itself was a rehash of other (more popular) stories. It was generally shot in a pleasant (ITV Drama) sort of way, but the SFX were not fit for “family viewing”. While I am proud that ITV and the makers saw fit to try and produce a family adventure show, I feel that overall it generally felt shoddy (I’m not a reviewer – just jo “license payer”!)

4 05 2007

“On primeval itself – it was a poor show, unoriginal concept, poorly executed and generally badly written.” Corrupted Mind

“poor show” = its was so bad, it has scarred me for life.

“unoriginal concept” = if they got paid for this work, they should do the honourable thing and either give the money back to ITV or make a a LARGE donation to charity.

“poorly executed” = I don’t know enough about TV to comment on this, but on this occasion, because of the pre-mentioned scarring, I am going to go with the flow and agree.

“generally badly written” = I had to watch this TV show, my sister insisted on wathcing it, it was so BAD, I have no idea how someone did not stop the show after the first screening. I think I agree with this too.


25 06 2007

Lol, why would any1 who workd in serious film industry bother with riting a post here??

3 07 2007

I do not believe for one second that the above was written by someone without full command of the English language.

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