1 05 2007

Another day, another “Internet TV” solution. I don’t know much about this one, as it is Windows only I was too lazy to find out there was a mac version last night. However I am impressed with the Euro-centric approach, signing up all the big names around Europe, including the major broadcasters in France, Italy, Germany and Denmark. Zattoo is currently in private beta in the UK, but should launch a public beta soon. Click here for their site along with their channel line up, and here for a blog about the project.




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1 05 2007

Actually, Zattoo isn’t Windows-only: I’m running the Mac version right now.

1 05 2007

thank you very much for the info, I will check it out now.

18 06 2007
Corrupted Mind

I don’t know who died and dubbed me Zattoo technical suport/advertising & promotion but I’ve been using this app for sometime and I think its the business (better than joost in fact). So if you like your BBC channels -some pretty German women (It seems you have to be hot to read the news over there!) some other handy french, spanish and german channels – then tune in!

21 06 2007

Actually, as far as I know, Zattoo has absolutely no permission from the BBC to relay their broadcast.

I can’t really understand the ‘hype’ surrounding Zattoo; all it seems to do is relay ‘Freeview’ or satellite channels via media streaming :S

Hey, it’s just my opinion.

25 06 2007
Corrupted Mind

The hype surrounding Zattoo (if there is any) is because:
(a) Portable USB Freeview (DVB) is not very portable (it comes via USB and an Antenna) – Zattoo comes through any wifi signal. I’ve used it on 512k and 8Mb and it always comes through pretty well.
(b) I can get channels that I can’t get on Freeview (none of the foreign channels currently available on zattoo are on freeview).
(c) It turns my portable device (UMPC) into a TV. (I was tempted to write newscentre – because at present that is how I use it small box in the top right hand corner streaming news in the background while I work).

1 07 2007
Jouko Harjunpää

BBC Heroes

1 07 2007
Jouko Harjunpää

Joka tapauksessa pidän siitä että kilpailua syntyy siitä,että on usempia vaihto ehtoja kaupallisiin sateliitti ja tv kanaviin nähdn kuten intternet tv. 🙂

9 07 2007



18 07 2007
carmen electra and jenny mccarthy

carmen electra and jenny mccarthy


25 07 2007

I think http://WWW.VIEWMY.TV is better than most of those other online tv sites you see. Its free, you dont have to download anything to use it and theres no annoying advertising. its simple and all my friends are on it so we chat to eachother while we’re watching shows.

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