24: Reloaded?

3 05 2007

Evan Katz, one of the many exec producers of TV’s most time sensitive drama, has promised an explosive finale in 2 weeks time on Fox.

“The season finale will be explosive, literally, as we are going out with a very big bang, action- and suspense-wise.”

Add this non-cryptic statement to Howard Gordon’s quotes about ideas for next season:-

“This year could be…the last iteration of its current state.”

as well as his earlier call for a need to “reinvent” the show, and we could be seeing an all new cast with some major changes. Maybe no clock? Maybe no terrorists? Maybe an hour where Jack sneaks to the mens room for a 20 min power nap? More realistically, I can imagine a “re-imagining” of Casino royale proportions, just like I asked for a few weeks ago. Only time will tell. All I know is Milo, Miles, Chloe, R. Kelly president, Bill Buchanan, man who used to be in Ally McBeal, and all the rest are about to explode. And trust me, that is a good thing.




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3 05 2007

Well after an up and down season so far – the preview for Monday’s episode looks like a takedown of CTU Los Angeles is on the cards. This would certainly make way for a blank canvas in terms of characters and leave the scene open for *possibly* 24 hours focusing on someone else’s troubled day.

I’m all for it – just hurry up with the movie and get Jack running around London!

7 05 2007
Edward Lacdao

Yeh i just want to see Jack Bauer playing Poker for an hour and see him lose and that would make it more realistic. Cos I can lose hours just being on the internet. Imagine my life seen as a 24 hour viewer… beep beep beep… he is still playing Counter-Strike…. beep beep beep… when is he going to stop… within the hour….. I need to speak to some TV execs so I can speed up porduction of this. =P

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