Veronica Mars S03E16 – Un-American Graffiti

3 05 2007

A long time ago, we used to be friends.. boy have I missed Veronica Mars while it was away. The future of this show is on a knife edge, with Rob Thomas due to make his presentation to The CW today. One of his ideas for season four is a Veronica Mars set in Virginia, five years in the future, with our favourite reporter working for the CIA. I like that idea, as you can see from the 24 post below I am all about the reinvention at the moment, especially if it means this program, surely the smartest on The CW’s schedule, survives another year.

Starting this week was another experiment, the first of five standalone episodes with no ongoing arc. There was a big long recap that I actually needed for once, because I had forgotten that Logan was now seeing Parker and Mars Sr. was the “new Sheriff in town”.

An American family of Arab origin had their shop ruined in an apparent hate crime, and Veronica was on the case. 42 minutes and a few twists and turns later, the real culprits were revealed. Pretty much a standard episode, but without the “who is the killer?” snippets of info that we have been used to for the last 2.5 years.

I reckon if this was the formula for next season, although I would watch every episode, many many more would take the opportunity to dip in and out. What The CW need to know is whether any new viewers would start to dip in and out regularly, free from the restraints of knowing the back story. I would say no. By Season four, viewers have made their choice and the only thing that would bring them to an existing show is a real change of direction, scenery, cast, everything. Give it new “buzz”, to use Hollywood speak. All signs point to “Agent Veronica in the Future”, as I have dubbed the fourth season if it happens.

In the UK, this third season is on Trouble TV, Tues 9pm. Champions league is over now, so even football fans can tune in.



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