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7 05 2007

I have been a bit under the weather the last couple of days, hence the lack of updates when there has actually been lots going down in TV town.

2010 is a date most Lost fans will be interested in. That is the date that ABC have earmarked for the end of the island based series, in a departure from the norms of US TV and hopefully not to the detriment of the show. 48 more episodes have been ordered, and they will play out over 3 years in 16 episode seasons, taking the grand total to 120 come May ’10. I wonder if ratings will drop over the next couple of years followed by a sharp rise in season 6?

The English Premier League have launched legal proceedings against Youtube for copyright infringement. Are the Premier League really as stupid as they sound? Do they really think that by suing the largest of the aggregated video sites the problem will go away? No, it will shift to Dailymotion (in fact it already has), where I can pick up goals around the world minutes after they are scored. The only way for the premier league, and all other leagues for that matter to take charge of the situation is to offer up the clips for free with advertising on their official sites. Or learn the hard way that you cannot govern the internet.

Scrubs will have a cliffhanger ending this year (I am betting that JD does something to sabotage Elliot’s happiness), which is risky because there is a good chance NBC will not renew the show next year. The word on the street is that if they are cancelled on the peacock then ABC will pick up the show.

Isn’t Heroes great? That’s all I have to say on that subject! Apologies if I have posted this link before, but here are details of season two that should whet the appetite.

It’s a bank holiday here in the UK, so I forgot it was a Monday and I haven’t acquired my weekly fixes of Entourage and Sopranos, along with all those Fox animation thingies. So i’m off to do all that now, and watch them from under the duvet.




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8 05 2007
Corrupted Mind

Fantastic news with Heroes… I just kept wondering if they plan on delivering every single week how will they prevent themselves from, erm… “shooting their wad”. Well Kring has answered that question and has kept me optimistic about the future of the show. I’m quite relaxed about who they do away with, but I hope they keep Peter, Syler and Hiro.

Also, good news for Lost – 16 Eps means they kill the filler and give us good “meat” (This post seems to have a Tobias-esque feel to all my imagery…) Apart from Season one which had the feel of being a completely written 20+ ep story – Lost has been flailing under the weight of expectation ever since. The last 4/5 episodes have been delivering and I think that has been making the fans a little happier – so my general feeling is 16 episodes like the last 4/5 is infinitely better than say – the whole of season 2.

Just to add my 2p on the whole Prem League story – I bet Google is regretting buying it now, when it was a broke-ass startup all these legal shenanigans wouldn’t happen – no one would get paid but now everyone has they’re beady eye on Google’s $billion$ dollar warchest. Its sad really as I can see youtube going the way of Napster when it is such a fantastic resource. While I side with the companies that produce media on the reproduction of entire shows. I side with Youtube entirely on the reproduction of short clips. (I hope that one country somewhere comes up with IP laws that permits the reproduction of less that say 5% for free – without permission if its not for sale – a bit like fair use with textbooks!)

9 05 2007
Edward Lacdao

Speaking of the Premier League, Manchester United were champions the moment the whistle went at the Emirate’s Stadium last Sunday. I don’t know if you read Alex comments about the upcoming game tonight… (it ain’t an exact quote, but close enough) “I have rested key players because the game at West Ham is an important one” LMAO

Now I wonder what “The Special One” had to say about that LOL

bring on the FACUP!!! Brap!

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