Heroes S01E21 – The Hard Part

8 05 2007

Should I just rename this blog Me and the Heroes? Because right now I have all the motivation in the world to write about this show. As we get ever closer to the season one finale, we moved back into the present and found out that…. actually this is pretty spoiler-ish, read it after the jump.

We found out that Nathan and his mum are both aware of “The Company” and their plans to blow up New York City. This information withholding policy is getting a bit annoying, as it reminds me of the worst aspects of Lost. and I have lost count of the number of times two people have hugged while frowning as soon as their chins are resting on each others shoulders. We are two episodes from the end people, if you are evil, raise your hand!

Sylar went to visit his mum (Mum’s played a big part this week) and it finally sort of made sense why he looks like such a geek. If he was the bad-ass that I had expected him to be when the season started, then I guess he couldn’t have a mother so blinded into thinking he was still a nice watchmaker boy. He showed her!

Hiro wrestled with his conscience (and his gay love for Ando) as he attempted to kill Sylar, and this weeks cool scene (every week Heroes has a scene that makes you wonder how many people in the third world are starving so some high-end macs in Hollywood can be kept running at full power) involved Hiro stopping time to slice Sylar’s head off, but inexplicably failing as Sylar trumped the time power with his super hearing, as he sensed Hiro’s heartbeat get faster as he moved in for the kill.

The ending wasn’t as shocking as some weeks, but it doesn’t always need to be. We have been waiting a while now for Ted to meet Peter, and it is now a matter of two episodes to find out who will be “the exploding man”.

I have just read all that back. If I didn’t watch Heroes this would not sound like a show I would be remotely interested in.




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