9 05 2007

Here are some articles that I have read, watch me tie them into each other. First up is a piece on what happens at a network when the US show they have been showing suddenly disappears off the air, because it was cancelled in it’s homeland. Its a tough one, because if a network waits until its a hit before deciding on the schedule, you may have lost a few hundred thousand potential viewers to downloading.

Next up, an article about  the challenges facing broadcasters, both US and around the world, on the redistribution of their content illegaly. Youtube is the standard bearer and the lawsuits often start with them, but there are hundreds of others just waiting to take their place. Combined with the new wave of sites set up just to link to the content, it is very hard to point the finger at one culprit.

And finally, with the upfronts taking place next week, TV Squad have put together a look back at 2006 upfronts with 20/20 hindsight, just to give you an idea of what everyone was talking about, and which shows failed miserably despite the hype. Enjoy.




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10 05 2007
Corrupted Mind

The oft cited phrase “Publish and be damned” takes on a whole new meaning in the internet age. It never ceases to amaze me how noone can stop it from changing everything it touches. In respect of the first article, suddenly “canned” shows have somewhere to go – because of the internet. The TV squad article is right when it says nothing has caught fire this season… but because of the internet… I will get to resolve my curiosity (to a certain degree) with shows like Black Donnelly’s and Studio 60… Also, the Yahoo piece makes me feel a little sympathy for the acquisitions guys – I mean we demand simultaneous broadcast backed up with the threat of Bittorrent – asking channels to jump into bed wholesale with a brutal US TV market. Not knowing how to fill the gaps in the schedule left by early casualties. (Everytime I think on that point – I always think Threshold – Sky one really went to town with the marketing on that US flop!). Finally there is the youtube piece… which really highlights the FREE market tendencies of our new internet age. I keep thinking to myself that all of the studios would do better to get in bed with youtube (ban the redistribution of complete shows) and allow the clips. Because while their out killing the whale, they’re being devoured by the Piranha. I know its counter-intuitive for businesses to allow another company (which is not paying them) to be the guardian of all the clips – But killing Youtube won’t solve the problem and will cost a hell of a lot of money and users will move on to the next youtube waiting to fill its “warm” shoes. Whereas if you work with the company – thereby creating a market leading definitive resource – maybe, just maybe there’s a way to get paid – which is the bottom line. They won’t listen.

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