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11 05 2007

Yesterday I gave Joost another go, as I had noticed there was a new beta, “Now with friends” I think it was called. I also read about the new channels they have added, and the funding they have received. But as beautiful as it all looks, and as smooth as the interface is, the content is still lacking from a UK perspective. How many times can I watch the Sports Illustrated models talking about where they came from, and how they got where they are today? (6 in total).

I really want it to work, but from my own selfish point of view in the British Isles, they are going to have work harder than Fifth Gear and Ministry of Sound: Access All Areas to hold my attention for the commercials, which only appear if you sit through a whole program. Add to that the resolution issues I highlighted earlier, and it is not as good as it could be.

I will keep checking back periodically, but the content is just…. it’s the sort of thing you see waaaay up the EPG on Sky Digital, the kind of thing you spend 10 seconds watching before you keep going. But with Joost at the moment (in the UK at least) it doesn’t take much channel changing before you are back where you started! Like I said, get two or three UK broadcasters involved and it will improve immeasurably. But not ITV1, nobody has the spare bandwidth for that.




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14 05 2007

I couldn’t agree more with your comments. I have been on the joost beta around 6 weeks now and I gave up on it from pretty early on. the choice of channels is poor and as you said how many times can you watch the same stuff over and over.

Nice idea and with more support it really could be a winner but at the moment it’s just not convincing me.

18 06 2007
Corrupted Mind

I thought I’d add a quick comment to the ol’ Joost thread seeing as I wanted to say some positive sh*t about Zattoo. The interface is a beautiful thing to behold, especially on my Samsung Q1 it just makes the whole thing look like some kind of IP Pmp!

The downside is the speed of the software and what it does to your system (-I thing the general rule for most folk is that “if it makes you slow… you gotta go!”… The good news on the channel front is Gong (For anime fans) and Atlantis (for Sci Fi fans) – everything else is pish. The whole experience makes me question the approaches of Joost and Zattoo – in fact I could probably say that the minute that Zattoo offers me every Free-to-Air channel in the EU (anywhere in the EU) and a record button on the player the fight could be over… I’m going to persevere with both for now… my news addiction demands I keep going with Zattoo at least!

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