Lost S03E20 – The Man Behind the Curtain

11 05 2007

This episode brought back memories. The first was when I did a google image search to find a picture of John Locke. One website had a picture above a caption reading “The Man, the Legend” and I thought back to season 1, when this was a character worth watching, full of mystery and intrigue, and you couldn’t wait to see his next crazy move. Nowadays he is more like a predictable, shallow man who makes you cringe with every crazy move. The other thing I was reminded of was the rumour/fact that around the time of Lost’s inception, ABC told Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof that everything they did had to be able to be explained by science and technology available today. Which brings us to episode 20… I’m not sure even Einstein can explain Jacob to me.

I got a text on the way home from work asking if I had watched Lost, because it needed explaining. “What the F***” were his precise words, which was my own personal spoiler to let me know that this ep was big. Although to be honest, they have been pulling out all the stops recently, everything has been big.

The flashback was the one a lot of people have been waiting for, Ben from the others. Turns out he has told a few porkies over the years, making everyone think he was born on the island. He also killed the Dharma initiative, with a little help from the Man from Tallahasse (who incidentally I saw in Scrubs this evening before I left work, he really does have that Fred Flintstone shaved face look, it’s not make up!) and murdered his own father, much the same way he wanted John Locke to last week.

On the beach, the gang made heavy work of burning Juliet at the steak, and let Jack convince them (again again again) that he has a plan. Why do they listen to this man? When did he ever do anything right? Have any of his plans ended without death and/or kidnapping? Boo to Jack I say, burn him with Juliet. Look at me, getting involved, actually caring about what happens, this is how Lost used to be!

But the main talking point was the introduction of Jacob, and a move away from reality unless they can explain invisibility and voice throwing ventriloquism in next weeks episode. In short, it seems as if Ben takes orders from a being not of this world, and he doesn’t like that John Locke can hear him too. Which is weird to be honest, because if there was someone only I could hear, I would be pretty happy if someone else told me they could hear him too. I’d be relieved that I’m not one of the crazies. Click here for a super slo-mo look at the only frames in which Jacob was visible to John. Anyway, the episode ended with Locke looking like a punk yet again, although he won’t die in that ditch, surely?

I am really looking forward to the end of the season and Lost in general for the foreseeable future, and that is something I never though I would say just 10 weeks ago. Good work fellas!

Trailer for next week is in the vodpod.




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11 05 2007

Good morning, I sent the text, but, I did not spoil the episode.

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