ABC Primetime Schedule 2007-2008

16 05 2007

ABC have had a really solid season, and but for American Idol would be celebrating some gains in the major demographics, I’m almost sure of it. So their new schedule didn’t need much tweaking, but it seems at first glance they have made some major changes. With no Lost until January, the Wednesday line up is all new, with the much anticipated (by me) Pushing Daisies kicking things off. Dirty Sexy Money looks like the kind of show my fiancee would be interested in, so I will run that pilot by her before I declare it “for girls”. Women’s Murder Club has the most interesting title, again I’m useless until I know the dealio. I feel so neutered without my pilots. I’m not surprised that Knights of Prosperity got axed, but I wish they had given it a chance. NBC would have given it another year. But then NBC would have given me sitting on the toilet another year. Read the full ‘sked’ after the jump.

8pm-9:30pm: Dancing With The Stars
9:30pm-10pm: Sam I Am (NEW)
10pm-11pm: The Bachelor

8pm-8:30pm: Cavemen (NEW)
8:30pm-9pm: Carpoolers (NEW)
9pm-10pm: Dancing With The Stars Results
10pm-11pm: Boston Legal

8pm-9pm: Pushing Daisies (NEW)
9pm-10pm: Private Practice (NEW)
10pm-11pm: Dirty Sexy Money (NEW)

8pm-9pm: Ugly Betty
9pm-10pm: Grey’s Anatomy
10pm-11pm: Big Shots

8pm-9pm: Men In Trees
9pm-10pm: Women’s Murder Club
10pm-11pm: 20/20

8pm-late: Saturday Night College Football

7pm-8pm: America’s Funniest Home Videos
8pm-9pm: Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
9pm-10pm: Desperate Housewives
10pm-11pm: Brothers & Sisters




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