Medium S03E22 – Everything Comes to a Head

18 05 2007

I love it when a shows take steps to change the whole dynamic after a few years of the same old. I was very much used to the Medium formula of “dream-clue-dream-clue-bad guy shows up unexpectedly -dream-entrapment- happy family”, but I think that is all going to change after this season finale.

Alison Dubois’ role at the district attorneys office has been uncovered by a reporter, and she has been relieved of her duties. Her husband Joe has been released from his job as an indirect result of the scandal. The marriage is on the rocks, and they don’t have money to feed the kids. That should throw up a whole new set of problems when the show returns in Jan 2008. Looking forward to it.




One response

18 05 2007
Corrupted Mind

I remember the days when there used to be a “spoiler alert” and “more after the jump” – before a post like this. Ah well I could use the extra 350mb hdd space and the 42 mins this post has suddenly freed up!

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