Peep Show S04E06

19 05 2007

“Am I actually going to piss on the church?”. I’m going to post my “favourite TV moments of the season” towards the end of the coming week, but that line may well be a winner in the “lines that made you sit up and think ‘can they say that?'” category (wow, a lot of inverted commas in that sentence).

I can’t decide if this, the last episode in the fourth series of Peep Show, was the best but it certainly had me laughing hard. Jez pissing himself because Mark told him to, Sophie crying out the altar, Superhands apologising for sexually assaulting Nancy, there were so many memorable moments.

If you missed it, you can catch it for the next week on 4 on Demand (or to your right in the sidebar), and watch a clip *that contains strong language* from the episode after the jump.




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