Heroes v Lost

22 05 2007

I’ve been wondering where Tim Kring came from, and now I know. Before the executive producer of Heroes came up with that idea, he was the showrunner on a program I never watched, Crossing Jordan. It was during this time that he worked with Damon Lindelof, one of the exec producers on Lost (I can’t say Lost these days without saying “Previously on..” in a really deep voice).

Often while watching Heroes, I notice that the pace is much faster than Lost, and they don’t drag out the answer to questions. In an interview with Wizard magazine, Kring explains why.

KRING: I have spoken very openly and candidly about the constraints of a show like “Lost.” And [Damon], I came to you immediately with this. Again, this goes back to this relationship of making stories with one another. Damon was the most comfortable person I had in my life to go to in terms of coming to someone with a completely unformed idea where I could babble in incoherent sentences for an hour. He would listen and pick those things apart. A lot of those conversations were, “Here’s what I learned on ‘Lost.’ Don’t do this, definitely stay away from this, definitely go down this road.” So there was a lot of input from those early conversations that have found their way into the real lexicon of this show.

And now [“Heroes”] is being judged by its own standards. Each week, the show lives or dies by how much people say, “Well, I never saw that coming.”

LINDELOF: Gee, I have no idea what you’re talking about. [Laughs]

They also bitch about fanboys always wanting more, and talk about plans for their respective finales. Read the full transcript here. The season 3 finale of Lost airs Sunday on Sky One. Season one of Heroes continues on the Sci-fi channel, and airs on BBC2 this summer.




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5 04 2011

What a lovely day for a 900168! SCK was here

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