Lost S03E22-S03E23 – Through the Looking Glass

25 05 2007

I just this second finished watching it.  I am almost speechless, that was the sort of episode that made Lost the most talked about program on TV. For spoiler reasons, my thoughts after the jump.

I don’t want to be a bore and say I saw the reveal coming from the first flash”forward”, but I did. There was a claustrophobia about Jack’s flashback that I can only compare to Bruce Willis’ performance in Sixth Sense. Not much was given away, he didn’t speak with many people, no times or dates were confirmed. Even still, it was amazing when they decided to unleash the truth with the appearance of Kate at the airport.

It was just straight up the best episode of Lost since season one. Matthew Fox put in a supreme effort as Jack, and he seemed to raise the game of those around him. I’m normally instantly critical of poor performances, but I couldn’t fault anyone tonight.

Charlie’s last scene with Desmond was very emotional, and I hope his final act of writing on his hand works out for Desmond. Although hoping this or that doesn’t matter any more, they proved that the ending is set in stone, and they will now build to that point.

And John Locke cracked me up with the lengths he will go to to stop anyone getting off the island. A simple scream and shout, rugby tackle at the most would have sufficed but no, he had to knife Naomi in the back to stop her making the phone call. But then h ecouldn’t bring himself to shoot Jack.

also, the way Sawyer killed Tom was nice, because I have never liked that guy and his “nice one minute, moody the next” attitude. People should be scared of Sawyer, he is a serious guy who has now killed 2 in 4 eps. Keep up the good work fella!

But the main reason why this episode was so great? Because the next time someone who doesn’t watch Lost asks you if they are still on the island expecting a response in the positive you can smile and say “No. No they’re not.” Roll on January 2008.

Buy the episode from iTunes here, or wait for the complete third season boxset, put it on your shelf and watch it gather dust as you continue to build up your DVD collection of films and TV that you’ve seen but will never actually watch again.




2 responses

25 05 2007
Paul Levinson

Good post. I enjoyed the finale immensely – I had pretty much predicted the switch from flashbacks to flashfowards in my review of last week’s episode, but it was great to see last night anyway… http://paullevinson.blogspot.com/2007/05/lost-season-3-finale-flashforwards.html

1 09 2011
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