Whats New(s)?

29 05 2007

Now that the US TV season is over, I’m struggling to think what to write about. Lots of little things happening and nothing big.

Now that the broadcast season is over, I was really looking forward to my Sopranos + Entourage double header, but neither aired this week, due to a holiday or some such. I should really pay more attention.

Ben Silverman is in talks to take over from Kevin Reilly as head of (microwave oven) programming, or a similar flashy title at NBC. While Mr Silverman’s pedigree is fantastic, you can’t help but spare a thought for the guy he is replacing. Mr Reilly stuck by The Office when it was failing, gave the greenlight to Heroes and 30 Rock, and stuck by the latter in the face of appalling ratings, and has done some other things to be proud of. Like cancel Joey. So he had some good shows on his hands, which is always the hardest part. Maybe its the marketing guys, or the scheduling department that should be walking the plank tonight. EDIT:- OK I’m reading he jumped before he was pushed. I wonder if he still gets his monies…

Speaking of NBC, I just watched an (below average) episode of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip that came in at 36 mins. In a hour of television, 24 mins was commercials. How do Americans sit through that?

In Venezuela “el presidente” Chavez closed down a TV network that was outspoken against his leadership. Can you imagine Tony Blair shutting down the BBC? What would happen? that’s right, riots have just broken out in downtown… Caracas? (Quick peek at google Earth) Yes, Caracas!! I still know my capitals!

Other than that I am just checking Mininova every other day for pilots to appear, otherwise I have nothing to tell you guys. So if you find any pilots and you want to send them my way, leave a message in this post. I promise they will get a thorough reviewing.




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