Girl kicked out of Big Brother house for using the N-word

7 06 2007

Now there is a headline Channel 4 didn’t need. I haven’t been following events in the Big Brother house, so I don’t know the context. But I just received a call from a friend to tell me this was worth blogging about. Some of the females were dancing in the living room last night, and Emily Parr, a housemate of the caucasian persuasion, offered this comment to her negroid (I love that word, cracks me so consistently, up) housemate.

Emily: (referring to Charley dancing/pushing her hips forward) You pushing it out you nigger.
Nicky: (shocked laughter) Em, I can’t believe you said that.
Charley: You are in trouble.
Emily: Don’t make a big thing out of it then. I was joking.
Charley: I know you were… but that’s some serious shit, sorry.
Emily: Why?
Charley: Oh my god. I’m not even saying it.
Nicky: Just don’t talk about it anymore.
Emily: I was joking
Charley: Do you know how many viewers would watch that?
Nicky: Okay, don’t make a big deal out of it.
Charley: Fancy you saying that. I can’t believe you said that.
Emily: Somebody has already used that word in this house.
Charley: No way. (Pause) Yeah, me. I’m a nigger.

Nicky laughs.

Charley: I am one. Fancy you saying it. I know maybe you see it in a rap song. Maybe you and your friends sit there saying it.
Emily: I’m friendly with plenty of black people.
Nicky: And you call them niggers?
Emily: Yeah and they call me niggers. They call me wiggers as well.
Nicky: I’m quite shocked.
Charley: I’m fucking in shock.
Emily: It’s not a big deal though is it?
Charley: Not for us it ain’t. Fuck me.

Let me preempt some of the comments of Emily’s first interview outside the house. “I’m not a racist”. “I have many, many black friends”. “I grew up listening to Whitney Houston”. “I kissed a black guy at uni once”. “I bought Beyonce’s album last week, how can anyone call me a bigot?” etc, etc and so forth. Feel free to add your own below. Racism, it’s the new black.

The real winners are Channel 4, who can expect an extra 1-1.5 million to tune in to tonights highlights show as a result of the controversy. I tell you, Big Brother is a licence to print money these days. Until someone gets killed. Even then, manslaughter can probably be spun into a Z-list career. I’ll get the video feed later off the old Youtube, until then, try and picture the scene in your mind. That should kill 30-40 seconds, easy.



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7 06 2007

What a fuss — all about a word in a TV program. Get real. Real things are happening out there in the world, far away from television and bimbos and silly words. Rather more interesting is the story today that Mohammed will soon be the most popular boy’s name in Britain. This country is changing fast — very fast — yet I can’t seem to find anyone who asked for it. Is this a democracy, or what???

7 06 2007

Maybe you could find a “baby names” blog to voice your concerns?
As for the “I can’t seem to find anyone who asked for it” comment, maybe the parents asked the registrar? I’m not sure what you are getting at, maybe you could spell it out for me clearly and concisely.

7 06 2007

“Is this a democracy, or what???”

Apparently so, and being a democracy allows people to name their offspring whatever they wish, be that Mohammed, Robert or Serpico. Not quite sure what your point is.

Regarding Big Brother, I think they did the only thing they could do by throwing her cracker ass out of there.

7 06 2007
W Dean

They should have done the same thing during Celebrity Big Brother early this year and chucked Jade and Co out!

7 06 2007

Well, I watched a show on CH4 all about the N word. It was very interesting! I say, these people have a lot of time on their hands; why not put it on for them to.

Does anyone think a larger statement would have made, if both house mates had been evicted. I do.

8 06 2007
Corrupted Mind

James, unfortunately – a person of colour using a racist slur to describe themself is being ignorant, silly, and/or ironic while a person who does not belong to that group is leaving themselves open to the charge of racism. Its not fair but its life – society is generally happy for people to poke fun at themselves (and call themselves whatever they wish) but is less forgiving for others to do so. Personally I think Channel 4 has missed a step in both CBB and BB as I honestly believe they should have come out swinging with press lines like: “this is real life” and “channel 4 in no way condones or encourages such conduct but as a ‘reality’ television show we are dedicated to showing the truth.” Many commentators have argued (very tenuously, I add) that the shows producers owe a duty of care to the participants and to the viewer – and not forgetting the commercial obligations to the sponsors. But everyone signed up to this being a “reality show”, no? Is racism not reality? Or bullying? Or ignorance? – If C4 argued it like that I might hold them (and the entire “reality” genre) of being of more worth than the cheap thrills it currently offers. Final point – unlike Ed I’m not a fan of “Negroid” (it sounds sub-human no? robotic black folk?) I prefer – “hoodrattius blackus” – it almost sounds Latin and therefore oozes class!

8 06 2007
james™ (?)

Hello, I just wanted to say, good point well made Corrupted Mind.

9 06 2007

fucking monkeys

9 06 2007

my 2 pennies worth – is that channel 4 could haved used this as an opportunity to talk about the history of the word and why it is so offensive

9 06 2007

I agree with Duane. Ch 4 should have got the group together, put on the plasma screen and gt a history teacher in to tell them, and the viewers, where the word originated from and how it has been used and in what context over the years. Many words used now do not entirely relate to their original meanings, and have changed in use over the years. I think Emily was stupid for using such a word, and I dont think CH 4 could do anything other than remove her from the house I just think that maybe it should have been handled differently.

9 06 2007

A very concise observation Sadone, on your lineage, confused state of mind and probable fantasy pastime….

To an extent I agree with Jamie regarding a fairly ignorant Emily, but Charley is just as much to blame. Should she not have been removed for asserting that ‘ I am one’, her only point of reference for the word’s acceptance being it’s use in rap music. She was instrumental in keeping the resulting furor alive yet stated that she wasn’t offended instead of educating a young middle class ‘street’ wannabe on a simple point of mutual respect. Emily and (judging by some of the replies) a few BB viewers would have learned something and she wouldn’t have needed to be removed. Many black people would applaud Charley’s removal to a library where she may learn a little about her heritage and the derogatory use of such language. The word has NOT changed it’s meaning over time Jamie, though I don’t believe Emily is a racist.

I have heard an argument that Black America has reclaimed the word so diluting it’s meaning and can now be classed as a term of endearment amongst Black Youth. Rubbish!!

1 04 2009

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