The Sopranos S06E21 – Made in America

11 06 2007

Judging by the reaction of the internet, I am in the absolute minority, but on second and third viewing, the end met my expectations and played out very much like the rest of the final season, or even the whole series. If you are peeved, and want an explanation of the final scene, read a succinct recapping below. No fuss no muss, what it really meant. SPOILERS BELOW>>>

The trucker enters, shot of Tony looking up, first person view of what Tony sees (the trucker entering); Carmela enters, shot of Tony looking up, first person view of what Tony sees (Carmela entering); AJ enters, shot of Tony looking up, first person view of what tony sees (AJ entering); Meadow enters, shot of Tony looking up, first person view of what Tony sees (black, “I bet you don’t hear it when it happens.”).

But the most shocking scene was the death oh Phil Leotardo, which you can watch below if you aren’t scared of a bit of bone crushing action.



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12 06 2007

now start with the good bit, i have been a long time visitor of your website and think its great and agree with nearly all of your posts, but this how can you say this is a fitting tribute to the last episode.
i think we had to see tony get shot it was the only fitting ending to a great show and for one was dissapointed.
anyway keep up great work, and you missed big news yesterday virgin media are launching there own channel to compete with sky 1 and are in process of signing a carriage deal with warner for first pick on all there shows

12 06 2007

I figure that if we are seeing this scene from Tony’s point of view, then we don’t have to see him get shot. People that wanted a happy family ending “Don’t have to stop believing” that they got their way I guess. Or maybe I just wouldn’t want to see Carmella and Meadow covered in Tony’s blood, screaming like Phil Leotardo’s daughter…

As for the Virgin news, I thought about writing about it, because I am pleased with it, but it’s just that nobody really comments on my broadcasting stories, so I thought there was little to no interest. I stand corrected!

12 06 2007

Must say I have not watched it myself, but… Did you see in the Metro (12.06.07) they had a one page spread stating what happened, no warning or anything! If I were an avid viewer I would be pretty annoyed. The Metro did the same with American Idol – ruined it for me..

13 06 2007

Made in America, the name of the final episode, is a common phrase used in many contexts. We often search for it when buying something. It’s a phrase which has come to mean genuineness, durability, authenticity. In addition, to be ‘made’ connotes the ritual one goes through to be initiated as a true gangster. Put together the phrase offers a sort of ironic twist to the concept of being made. What was once thought of as achieving true identity and purpose has in a sense been a fraud– all the ritual, all the pride and supposed comradery, all superficial. The process of being made is a fraud, it is not the genuine process of becoming. Notice what Phil says about the NJ crew, ‘they don’t even make people right, they don’t even prick the finger.’ Notice what the NJ crew says about Johnny Sack and the NY crew, ‘he created a sort of insecurity’ (referring to Phil). After the death of his brother, and his near death experience, Phil made it his calling to reaffirm his ‘made’ gangster identity. But in the end it led nowhere. Did anyone else catch the brand of vehicle which ran over Phil’s skull. It was a Ford. 100% Made in America. In a sense, this symbolizes the true process of being made overpowering the fraudulent ‘made’ one. So, if we recognize the symbolic judgment passed on the fraudulent ‘made’ identity, than where is the real process? In the final episode, who is Made in America? — This is where it gets a little fun.

check out more on my blog

13 06 2007

yea, I heard about that Metro thing, its a big reason why people download, its happening more and more, especially when the freesheet newspapers generally just regurgitate what has been talked about on the internet for the previous 12 hours. I have written abit about it in the post above.

wow, I wish I had looked at it in that much depth, I feel very superficial right now!

8 09 2007

So guys what happened im in new zealand and just saw the final episode but still cant work out what happened at the end. Was the director basically telling that tony got shot by that trucker when it blacked out? What are they wanting us to believe.
Cheers guys

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