“Big Bang Theory” goes to…

13 06 2007

…Channel 4. It seems harmless enough, I think it might be the comedy formerly known as “Genius Bar”. Not 100% though, I am sure and I imagine it will play across C4 on Friday nights and E4 at… any time of day. It has David from Roseanne in it, and Joey’s Nephews geek friend. What more could you want? Watch a (pretty funny) preview after the jump-aroo.




4 responses

13 06 2007

looks really good, must say its one of my favourite preview from fall season

13 06 2007

This show is going to be very, very funny. People that have seen the full pilot say it is one of the best new shows they have seen. It also has Kaley Cuoco in it, who was Bridget from ABC’s 8 Simple Rules.

14 06 2007

see the full Big Bang Theory preview here :

14 06 2007

just to let everyone no virgin 1 (the new channel from virgin media has just picked up rights for The Sarah Connor Chronicles
which is a pretty big coo for a channel not launched yet as i heard itv were top of the tree on this one
will keep you all upto date if i here anymore

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