I’m watching “The Sarah Connor Chronicles” right now..

28 07 2007

..and I’m wondering why Terminators have such bad aim. Is this how its’ going to be all season? Chase gunfire explosion ad nauseum? Me no likey…


Ooooh, didn’t see that coming.¬† Still think they need to develop more than a collection of gunfight scenes though.

Heroes on BBC2

26 07 2007

Last night Heroes triumphed for BBC2 and I’m sure it exceeded all their expectations. 4.3 million viewers tuned into the first ep, 4 million into the second. This was enough to beat everything on terrestrial other than ITV1’s “Wire in the Blood”, and give BBC2 its largest ratings triumph over BBC1 since 1994. Not bad going for a show that nobody thought would work at last years LA screenings. It just goes to show that… actually, I don’t know what it shows. Lets see what next weeks figures look like, and how many are still watching in 20 weeks time.


26 07 2007

There was this midseason show called Miss/Guided, and I was really looking forward to it. It starred Judy Greer (Kitty Sanchez in Arrested Development) as a high school guidance counsellor, and the long promo I watched had me chuckling. Then I heard that Rob Thomas (former Exec producer of Veronica Mars) was on board as executive producer and that made it an even better proposition.

Well now it seems Rob Thomas isn’t involved with the project, which is a real shame as he has this knack of making high school/College drama come across very realistically, without much cheese. He left because of creative differences.

So the new exec producer is someone called Mark Hudis. I don’t know who he is, but he better be able to make with the ha ha from episode one. no pressure though Mark!

For a preview of the show, click here and navigate to ABC’s shows. Trust me, Judy Greer can do funny.

Pilots at Last!

23 07 2007

Aaaah, its all coming together. The scaffolding around my flat is coming down, which means the TV reception came back! I bought a laptop so I will be able to blog regularly again. And most important of all, pilots have started leaking onto the interweb! I will be watching Chuck and The Sarah Connor Chronicles at some point this week and I will let you know my thoughts on both!! What a result for you all!

Top 10 Simpsons songs… ever!

15 07 2007

Blah blah blah, Simpsons movie coming out soon. Blah blah, reminiscing about the good old days, So without further ado, blah. Actually, before I start I want to give an honourable mention to Homer pouring beer down the sink, singing When I was 17. Its not the kind of big musical number that I was aiming for with this list, but I love it.

At 10, we start off easy with a song that I reckon half the “old skool” Simpsons fans may not have even seen, after giving up the show (or so they say) around Season 8/9/10. I’m not sure I remember the storyline, other than it involving a curfew, and a radio station run behind an advertising hoarding. And maybe some moonshine. No wait, that was a different, better episode. Anywho enjoy “Kids v Adults”, which is the title I’m giving this song.

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Wii Fit

12 07 2007

I’ve been struggling to find anything TV related that I want to talk about, as you may or may not have noticed. To fill the gap, I’ve been playing Wii, and i figure its one of the few forms of exercise I get.

So Imagine my surprise when Nintendo unveil a peripheral that does just that: stops me from becoming a fatty fatty fat fat. Wii Fit should be in stores later this year, watch the video to see how it will change your life… or not, if you’re already buff like the adults in the clip.

EDIT:- For those of you thinking “This isn’t even on-topic, I’m never coming back to this blog”…oh, there you go, I did it again! Click here for a story about how the Wii is reported to be the cause¬† of a large dip in ratings in Japan, as families spend primetime beating each other down at Tennis, or fishing in Zelda, or blowing up things in Wario, or… you get the picture. Read the rest of this entry »

Derek Tricolli

11 07 2007

I touched on this in my post last week, but this guy has made me laugh hardest this summer. The Loop is a really average sitcom on Fox, but the hope of an appearance by this guy made me sit through all 10 episodes, and I wasn’t disappointed by his 50 second slots.

If you haven’t seen it before, bear in mind the following montage of all his elevator monologues may be too much to take in one go, but when originally aired they were an oasis in a desert of… “not funny”. Poetic, yes? Watch them all after the jump.

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