Previously, on “Me and the TV”

3 07 2007

“Where is he?”

“I don’t know… but I hope he comes back!”

“Look, there he is!!”

And now, Me and the TV continues…..

Thats right, I’m back from the land of the rising sun. You can check out my Flickr here, I should have all the Japan pics up by sometime next week.

Since I came back I’ve watched a little TV, tried a little superfast catch up. I watched the first ep of Flight of the Conchords, and I was left underwhelmed. Because the girl from Peep Show was in it (Rachael Blanchard?), I could only draw unvfavourable comparisons with that superior comedy, however much “Flight” had some original ideas… and funny accents.

I’ve been following John from Cincinnati (about to watch one now actually), and it’s still a bit weird. Al from Married with Children can resurrect creatures from the dead? And whats with the crazy landlord guy? This may be a first, but I cannot give you a definitive on whether this program is good or stupid, but I can’t imagine being compelled to tune in again if I led a hectic life and was pushed for time.

Now let me talk about Studio 60 for 20 words or less. I watched the series finale last night, what a crock of sh*t! I am embarrassed that I recommended this show to everyone I know, it turned into some touchy-feely moral war drama in the last 4 episodes, with blatant swipes at conservatives everywhere, even resorting to name calling with President Bush. Awful turn of events, just awful. It actually led my fiancee to swear out loud, and she may be the most polite human being in W9.

Finally, I am clawing my way through summer Fox comedy, The Loop. This comedy has very little humour in it, other than a character who mostly appears in the lift as an obnoxious fast talking airline exec. Whoever is writing this guys lines deserves a raise. and a promotion off this doomed show. anyway, thats my catch up.

To find out what I was really doing in Japan the past 9 days, watch the video after the jump. Yes, that may look like Kanye West, and those may well look like scenes from Akira, but I assure you that is me and all that stuff actually happened. Enjoy..




5 responses

3 07 2007

Welcome back dude! I’ll be checking in daily on your blog – so make sure I’ve got some stuff to read! lol

We’ll go out soon for drinks and stuff.

6 07 2007

Can’t agree with you on Studio 60, I thought the last 4 episodes were the best of the season, didn’t think they were preaching particularly, thought they covered all sides, the Army dude was a sympathetic character and both Matt and Danny ‘found their god’ in a different way. I understand that Sorkin can be heavy handed some/most/all of the time depending on your point of view. What did you expect from him as far as Bush was concerned 🙂

Guess we’ll agree to disagree on that one.

John from Cincinnati is superb, i was undecided until the 4th episode but now i’m intrigued, I’m describing it to friends as Northern Exposure with swearing and waves. Not sure it’s Al Bundy that is resurrecting folk though, he just thinks he is. Hope it at least goes to a full season.

Good to have you back by the way, however wrong you are about S60 🙂

7 07 2007

I’ll just add my vote to the ‘great to have you back’ roll..

as for studio 60, I have to agree that the mark jeter storyline was easily the best of the year, the jack and simon scenes were a close second. While I can concede that the last 15 minutes wouldnt have been out of place in Dawson’s Creek, (such was the pure mush), I can forgive them for the tumultous ride they’d been on to get that many episodes in the first place.

I have to say I’ll miss the writing more than anything. Thats two of the best dialogue shows gone this year (along with the irreplacable VM). Its a pity they didnt realise that the TV show theme should have been incidental in the storyline rather than the raison d’etre.

Oh, and even given that the show was a financial disaster, am I crazy in saying I think Matt Perry should get the Emmy for best Male actor. He was absolutely superb in the whole thing.

9 07 2007

aaah man, I can’t believe you guys don’t agree with me! Yea, Tom Jeter did some great work, and the storyline was good… but is that what you guys tuned in for back in September? West Wing in a TV studio? It makes Sorkin look like he has no range in storytelling.

I actually liked that Studio 60 was about the TV show, and not the stuff around it. I remember how happy I was with the pilot, but putting the pilot against the finale now, it seems like a different show, and not a better one than the earlier eps.

Anywho, I do agree that Matthew Perry deserves a nomination, along with Sarah Paulson.

And I’m glad you like John From Cincinnatti too, Calhoon!

10 07 2007

I do hear what you are saying about S60 and I think if Sorkin had been given more than a season to work with it may not have seemed as though he was shoehorning in his politics.

Watched episode 5 of John from Cincinnati last night and it left me a bit cold, the dialogue was superb and Milch seems to be fleshing out more of the peripheral characters but John wasn’t in it often enough. Ed O’neil was superb though, made me laugh out loud several times while he was conversing with his bird.

Anyway, going to catch up with Flight of the Conchords tonight, only seen the first episode podcast, which made me smile rather than laugh but I think the characters will grow on me.

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