Derek Tricolli

11 07 2007

I touched on this in my post last week, but this guy has made me laugh hardest this summer. The Loop is a really average sitcom on Fox, but the hope of an appearance by this guy made me sit through all 10 episodes, and I wasn’t disappointed by his 50 second slots.

If you haven’t seen it before, bear in mind the following montage of all his elevator monologues may be too much to take in one go, but when originally aired they were an oasis in a desert of… “not funny”. Poetic, yes? Watch them all after the jump.




3 responses

14 07 2007

Very funny….bitch.

Are they all of his appearances? and is it worth sitting through ‘The Loop’ to see them in context, I’ve seen it on iTunes and been tempted before.

15 07 2007

He is part of the storyline in 2 of the 10 eps, if you want to know which ones I’ll have a look tonight. I probably haven’t given it enough credit, it is mildly amusing… but don’t *buy* it!!

13 09 2007

This is brilliant. Love this freaking guy. He needs a larger part in this show! Awesome writing!

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