Top 10 Simpsons songs… ever!

15 07 2007

Blah blah blah, Simpsons movie coming out soon. Blah blah, reminiscing about the good old days, So without further ado, blah. Actually, before I start I want to give an honourable mention to Homer pouring beer down the sink, singing When I was 17. Its not the kind of big musical number that I was aiming for with this list, but I love it.

At 10, we start off easy with a song that I reckon half the “old skool” Simpsons fans may not have even seen, after giving up the show (or so they say) around Season 8/9/10. I’m not sure I remember the storyline, other than it involving a curfew, and a radio station run behind an advertising hoarding. And maybe some moonshine. No wait, that was a different, better episode. Anywho enjoy “Kids v Adults”, which is the title I’m giving this song.

At 9, we have “The Garbageman can”, featuring U2. Homer runs for sanitation commissioner, wins, and is successful until the department runs out of funds. There was a really funny scene in this epsiode where Homer gets beaten up on the big screen, while Bono assures the crowd he will get the help he needs. But here is the song.

Number 8 is in here because of 3 words. Yvan eht Nioj. When Homer sings it, I’m smiling. The episode itself was nowt memorable, and is rarely shown on British TV because of the missile attack on the New York skyscraper at the end. I guess thats not so funny any more. Although the middle-eastern type guy that shouts “party posse” is worth a chuckle.

Before endless repeats and syndication (in the UK anyway), if you missed an episode it would be a long time before it came round again on Sky one. So I never saw “Bart After Dark” for years after it was originally aired, and that may be why I’m kind of indifferent to it. Or maybe it wasn’t very good. The song was alright though. “The Spring in Springfield” is at number 7, watch it below..

I am assured that the singer at number 6 on our list wasn’t Michael Jackson, and so although he did have a speaking role in this episode, contractual obligations prevented him from singing leaving Kipp Lennon (sp?) to do the honours. Happy Birthday Lisa was a fine song at the end of a classic episode about Homers sanity. (5×9? 45. Wooooow.)

Number 5 was a late entry that cracks me up because someone sat and wrote a musical within an episode with hilarious lyrics. Before you ask, nothing in A Streetcar named Marge really stands out for me. But Dr Zaius does…

The order of the next 3 was pretty tough, because they all make me laugh a lot. I guess I should really just have them all joint 2nd, but… no. At 4, we have “The Stonecutters Song”. Steve Guttenberg never recovered. Nuff said. Actually, there is more to be said. The funniest part in that episode is Homer trying to lie about going to stalk Lenny and Carl. (Which strangely enough, isn’t in this clip.) Man, we used to quote that one all the time in school. Thats how funny we were. Yea.

This one took on a new lease of… funny for me when a zelebrity contestant on the UK Big Brother actually claimed to be wearing a jacket made of monkey fur, and was about to be investigated by the “nothing better to do” police. take it away, CM Burns at number 3.

Number 2 wasn’t too hard to pick out, from the Hank Azaria Indian accent to the little comment from Homer that everything was wrapped up much earlier than usual, this is timeless. “The Kwik-e-Mart is real… D’oh!” used to make me ache with laughter.

But we all knew what was going to be number one. If you saw the title of the post and scrolled right to the bottom, I hope you’re happy. Conan O’Brien’s finest work, Phil Hartman’s hilarious delivery, killer lyrics.. it has everything. If only I could find a clip that has Mr Burns in a Tache suggesting that the money be reinvested into the power plant. Mono!



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16 07 2007

The list’s okay, but you still forgot the best song of all…

The episode ‘City of New York vs. Homer Simpson’ features the most fantastic number of all time; not repeated on TV very much for obvious ‘tower’ reasons. “Kickin’ It – a musical journey through the betty ford center”.

16 07 2007

Although I will come clean and say I totally forgot about that song, I don’t think it rates higher than the Planet of the Apes stuff…

16 07 2007

Mate, a fantastic article, so many many memories.. Agree with the selection, but lets see what gems the film will throw at us.. Cheers Duane

16 07 2007
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17 07 2007

The best Simpsons song is the one from the 1992 episode “Homer At Bat” in which Mr. Burns gets a bunch professional baseball players to act as ringers on the Nuclear Powerplant Softball Team in order to win a bet. Since you are British and probably don’t care for baseball I can understand you not having it at number 1, but anyone can recognize that it definitely deserves to be in the top 10. This episode is the epitamy of classic Simpsons.

17 07 2007

Oh yes, I didn’t think about that one. Another great episode, although you are right I remember watching it and not knowing who any of them are, other than Daryl Strawberry (the name just stuck for some reason). I will concede that would have made the list. “I told you to cut those sideburns!”

17 07 2007

I have two Simpson’s Music Cds, and I like your choices. Except for the garbage man can, I thought it was to heavy-handed in its parody. I Also don’t think the Apu song is that great considering some others.

I have special fondness for the Flaming Moe Theme, The Canyonero ad music, but I can see that they aren’t in the top ten.

But I’m a little surprised that none of the Shary Bobbins tunes made it.

And My all time favorite: the Be Sharps sing “Baby on Board”

18 07 2007

not really a proper song but this moment gave me the solution to all my problems
top list by the way.

18 07 2007

Not so much of a song – more 10 seconds of singing but it always cracks me up.. Surprisingly it is not so funny in German

6 08 2007
Edward Lacdao

RoyR you suck!

17 03 2008

You defenitly forgott the final song lisa plays with murphy, i think its called simlpy Jazzman…

25 10 2008

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19 11 2008


21 11 2010

Er… what happened to the one where Lisa runs for school president, the episode that parodied Evita in the episode “The President Wore Pearls”? I thought the song was great.

28 07 2011

you forgot lisa’s protest song its really awesome!!!

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