Pilots at Last!

23 07 2007

Aaaah, its all coming together. The scaffolding around my flat is coming down, which means the TV reception came back! I bought a laptop so I will be able to blog regularly again. And most important of all, pilots have started leaking onto the interweb! I will be watching Chuck and The Sarah Connor Chronicles at some point this week and I will let you know my thoughts on both!! What a result for you all!



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26 07 2007

Watched both Chuck and the Sarah Connor Chronicles this very evening and thoroughly enjoyed both, Chuck is essentially Seth Cohen FBI and fairly amusing and while The Chronicles was basically a retread of T2, it will be interesting to see where they go with the series.

2 08 2007

been watching a few myself
thought big bang theory could be really good there trying a bit too hard at the moment but as season goes on i think they will get in there stride.

californication not bad quite enjoyed it actually DAVID DUCHOVNY is really quite good in it, i think one more for the lads

got chuck, bionic women, lipstick jungle, cavemen, pushing diasies, to watch so will let you know what i think

also just heard virgin 1 has picked up riches, which i think is a good pick (really enjoyed first season) looks like there may be some good content on this new channel and on free view too

2 08 2007

Is Virgin 1 definitely going to be on Freeview?

2 08 2007

yes defo on freeview should be launching in september if we pull our finger out

3 08 2007

following on from yesterday, watched chuck last night, and i must say i really enjoyed it, it was a bit chessy in parts. but i can see this one taking off if people give it a chance

10 08 2007

watched bionic women and cavemen last night
bionic women i thought was really good a bit silly at times but still michelle ryan plays a great leading lady and though i know they have changed the deaf girl for a more happier one i thought she was really good.
then we came to caveman now i have heard a lot of buzz about this one but was very dissapointed, thought acting was bad and the script even worse they were trying to force the laughs

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