6 08 2007

Yea I said it, I am. After lauding the future of TV as the via an Ethernet cable or a wi-fi signal, I did the unthinkable last week and ordered Sky HD to celebrate some great news I received. To top it off I called John Lewis to get them to pricematch a 40″ Bravia, something to dominate my living room.

After picking up a laptop and seeing how easy it was to hook it up to the LCD and watch Bittorrent goodness, I decided to go large, as a McDonalds customer would say. If John Lewis accept my pricematch, I’ll report back and tell you all how the world looks in 1080p!



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7 08 2007

How odd. I was looking at the same TV yesterday…at the same shop…

7 08 2007


8 08 2007

Yeah, I’m with you on the Sky HD goodness and the linking of Bittorent/Laptop/HD TV. Great stuff. What I’d like next though is the linking of a laptop/pc wirelessly to the TV. Any suggestions anyone?

8 08 2007

Well, lets see. At the moment my house goes like this.

Powerbook in the bedroom with a DVI to HDMI linking to my 26″ Samsung TV in the same room. Downstairs is a 37″ Aquos TV connected by HDMI to AppleTV, Sky+ via scart (with RF2 output back up to Samsung upstairs) and Home Cinema by the same. XBox 360 is connected by VGA and the Wii by SCART.

And do you know what? I’m still not happy! (you can only imagine how the wife feels 🙂
Sky HD would be nice but honestly I dont see the breadth of content available for it at the moment to justify an extra £10 a month subs.

Apple TV is easily the best type of laptop to TV wireless network I’ve used, mainly because of access to the US itunes tv and movie store. Even without that though, if you buy the Elgato .264 turbo dongle, it’ll speed up your conversion of Bittorrent downloads to a point where you’ll never be able to keep up watching to what you are putting on it.

ps Pushing Diasies pilot was fantastic….

8 08 2007


Have to agree with you on 2 things there, the Apple TV is my new best friend, I’ve heard Apple are to announce UK TV downloads via iTunes any day/week now too, and Pushing Daisies was THE pilot of the upcoming season that showed the most promise, the voiceover was a bit heavy handed (voiced) in places but i loved the concept.

8 08 2007

Sky HD is now in the building!!! BUT… because of the postal strike, I have not received my viewing card yet. So I’m in the same boat I have been in for the past few months, BBC 1, BBC 2 and ITV if I’m lucky (Central region, WTF?)

John Lewis haven’t got back to me on the pricematch yet though, so I’m not too fussed until I sort that out and it all comes together in a neat, expensive little package.

Hopefully the card will arrive tomorrow, but more importantly, my router is here as well! 16mbps of goodness for £10, you can’t go wrong with that…

Chris, I may have to pick your brains on that Elgato .264 thingie, sounds easy enough. And yes, I read that news about itunes in the UK starting TV/Movie downloads as well, so good news all round I say.

8 08 2007

I also agree with you lot on Pushing daisies! So good, but doomed to not be understood by the masses. I give it a year and a half! (I just looked through my recent posts and realised I didn’t write about my positive experiences with Pushing Daisies and Chuck, I am getting slack!)

8 08 2007

anytime, you’ll have my email on tap anyway…. I have logged many many hours/days (and pounds) with various mac conversion methods so I’ll consider myself a (semi) expert in the subject. Everyone is entitled to know something about something.. 🙂

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