Some things I know and some things I don’t.

9 08 2007

If you are watching it, you know what I’m talking about. If John From Cincinnati isn’t the most abstract show ever, it is certainly the most off the wall that I have ever stuck with. But I must say at the same time, I have the sense that I’m watching greatness, not just pretentious guff. Don’t be put off by what I’m about to write, but without looking into it too much, or reading up on it, I do believe it is about the second coming, and what it would be like if the messiah landed in a surfer town, and affected everybody he touched differently. I’m really sorry if this is well established, but I’m just taking it all in.

After watching nine episodes and deciding it was time to get my other half’s opinion, I sat through the pilot again last night and saw so much that I hadn’t noticed the first time around. Definitely better on a repeat showing.  I’m really looking forward to  the season one finale, and I don’t actually care if I get answers or not!




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9 08 2007

I think I loved it up to about episode 6 and from there on thought it was the most challenging TV i’ve seen since…I don’t know what.

Like you not sure if I want, or need, answers but one thing is for sure…I will damn well enjoy it. Ed O’Neil particularly is superb.

Is there any news on a second season yet?

15 08 2007

it seems tat no one will be getting any answers on this program
as its being reported hbo have dropped this after one season (normally hbo are not one for dropping bad rated show so this rating must have stunk)
i am quite dissapointed as i would have like to have got some answers before they dropped it

15 08 2007

Just watched episode 10 and I think rather than giving us any ‘answers’ Milch has given us a fair bit of ‘closure’ (god I hate that word)

Without going into spoiler territory, the last ten minutes put a huge smile on my face and if Ed O’neil doesn’t at least get nominated for something then there is no justice.

And the last line, to use modern internet parlance….WTF?

Thoroughly enjoyed the season/series and would love to see more, but if that’s it then I’m happy.

21 08 2007

I love this show because it opens a wormhole into potential. On an entertainment level, it’s not for most mokes. But if you watch the show over and over, and read the transcripts of the dialogue, it applies to the conclusions I’ve come to myself: God creates beings with free will to learn about the things He doesn’t know. I think Milch’s idea is to create characters that grow, rather than hang on a nail. From the stoicism of Shaun to the holding hands; these are all pieces of a puzzle, which is good for entertainment purposes, but it also invites a reckoning. Bill, who uses cop-speak, talks to birds and shrines his dead wife in odd ways is a perfect example. “I’m looking at you, Bill.”

There are miracles, and I hope one of them is getting this show back on the air.

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