31 08 2007

I just deleted so many drafted posts. Everything from 30 Rock’s Emmy noms, to Pushing Daisies making me happy, to Channel 4 cutting £10 million from their acquisitions budget, I managed to *not* cover quite a lot this past few months. The irony is, I wrote a much longer post than this about what was cut, and it just got lost while publishing. Which is a shame.

Anywho, this is a fresh start, and a slight change to the blog. I’ve been saying to my other half how people don’t really want to read reviews of shows they just watched, or reviews of shows they haven’t watched, but might. So thats out. I’ll just tell you people what I watched, and what I like, and what deserves to be on in the UK, and where I think it would work.

The other half of my new job is dealing with different digital platforms, so I’ll also be looking into the best ways to get the shows you want from the web, preferably for free. Joost is something I will be looking at quite closely. I went to a boring conference and that was the platform that interested people the most, and seemed like a viable money maker. Look at me, sounding all corporate! Anyway, have a good weekend. I’m off to embed some Youtube clips!




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