This week..

30 09 2007

This is a picture of my desktop. We bought this laptop for the sole purpose of downloading and browsing, and the unwatched TV is building up. I started my new job last week, and I have realised that this Monday-Friday 9-5 is going to seriously eat into my TV time. Also, in living with my fiancee, I find myself watching more shows that she is interested in, which leaves me wondering how 24 wil go down in January (that is of course, if Keifer isn’t in prison by then).

And to add to that,  of everything I’ve watched so far, I haven’t found a show that I can honestly say I’ll be following this time next year. Hopefully the 2nd episode of Pushing Daisies and Chuck will make a fan out of me. More to come on my online TV shenanigans in a bit.


25 09 2007

I’m going home to watch the first episode of season 2 in HD. I can’t wait. But I’ll have to, because my other half won’t let me watch it until she gets home.  That’s right, I’m whipped. goodnight.

The Simpsons S19E01 – He Loves to Fly and He D’oh’s

24 09 2007

I don’t know if it’s my lowered expectations, or the fact that I’m still relieved the movie wasn’t terrible, but I just watched the 19th season premiere of The Simpsons and in my opinion it was hilarious. As always, the plot was recycled and amalgamated from ten’s of episodes of the past, but there were enough one-liners, sight gags and reveals to recall the writing of old. There was a also a funny cameo from Lionel Richie that I think will be showing up on the front page of Youtube and Digg over the next view days. A good start to the season, don’t let the quality dip now, you’ve raised my hopes! Watch the post-movie intro after the jump..

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On the eve of the new season..

23 09 2007

… I pledge to only watch the best shows out there. The way I pick up shows that refuse to die, I just can’t afford to add much more to my creaking plate. Last week I watched two new shows, Back To You and Gossip Girl, and I liked them both. But I can’t follow them all season!! Along with Heroes, Prison Break, 30 Rock, Weeds, Curb and Scrubs, new shows I will definitely be catching are Pushing Daisies, Chuck and the one about the girl who has lost her memory that used to be called Sam I Am, starring the Applegate girl from Married With Children. I could look up the new title, but writing that was far more fun.

Tonight is animation night, so I will be checking out the season premieres of The Simpsons, Family Guy and American Dad. They better be funny or else… I’ll continue to watch them all year and curse their lack of mirth. Take that!!


19 09 2007

This is very much becoming the HD blog. I feel like I should have known about this earlier though, even though I haven’t started mt new job yet. Yesterday MTV announced that they will be starting a Pan-European HD service, operating out of that new European hotbed of Warsaw, Poland.

As well as MTV, VH1 and other programming, their will be a children’s block of HD shows from Nickelodeon, and yes that includes Spongebob Squarepants.

Channel 4 HD

19 09 2007

Wow, the HD news just keeps on coming. After last weeks news that ITV will be launching an HD feed next spring, Channel 4 have trumped them with the news that they will launch an HD simulcast (love that word) in December on Sky HD. Nice. Now ‘five’ have to join the party, and they potentially have the most HD content of all the UK networks.

Virgin 1 on October 1st

18 09 2007

The Riches, Sarah Connor Chronicles and copious amounts of Star Trek will be coming the way of Satellite, Cable and Freeview customers from the beginning of October. I wonder what else will be on the schedule…