ABC1 to close down…

8 09 2007

ABC1, the channel that was happy to mix the worst dross ever (Less than Perfect, Hope & Faith, Rodney)  with some of the best the US has to offer (Scrubs, Sportsnight… and so on?) is to close in October. The reasons are that they were unable to secure the primetime spectrum in their Freeview slot, and their decision to focus on the Disney brand. I’m sure they will be missed by Freeview customers, but I am wondering what will happen to their slot. Will they put on a “Disney channel lite” in its place? That doesn’t need primetime spectrum.  Watch this space… or more importantly, the space left on Channel 15 on your Freeview box.




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9 09 2007

I am sure I speak for Freeviewers accross the nation in saying good riddance Repeat after repeat and 3 to 4 lots of adverts in ever 25 minute show.. Wont be missed by me – DB

16 09 2007
Ray Woodward

ABC 1 is slated to cease transmission on all platforms on Sunday September 30th at 18:00 BST

30 09 2007

abc1 was the best!!!!!!

5 10 2007
Rajiv Thukral

I cannot belive abc1 has not only left freeview but also SKY & Virgin Media aswell this is a disgrace to SKY especially as SKY is No1 for home entertainment & I loved all the shows that was broadcasted by abc1. But now it is gone great shows like Home Improvement, Scrubs, the list will go on, but seriously taking away abc1 is like taking candy from a shild. That is how much abc1 meant & it shows that it did have great shows & there will be no other channel & quote “Home Improvement was only shown & will be shown by abc1 only” there are no other channels at the moment showing any of the series which is ridiculous.

Yours Truly,

Rajiv Thukral

22 10 2007

omg i love acb1 was my lifeline i hate the ppl who took it all away

5 11 2007

I did like ABC1 a little for some of the show on it, they was repeats, but if you liked the shows that did not matter too much ?
The adverts, that come up just after a show has started (or near the end) did seem to be a bit miss timed when used to one advert break on ITV om half hour.(but they have adverts in between shows).

I am a little sad to see it go, but not too shocked, as it did not have anything new on it & repeated too much on it self.

30 11 2007

i’m not happy. i am leaving sky tomorrow & getting freeview but i have just found out that i can’t view my favourite show ‘lost’! because freeview doesn’t have abc1 anymore & channel 4 doesn’t show lost on tv now, skyone does!

im so annoyed!!!!!!!!!!!!

someone tell me please if there is a channel on freeview that shows lost?

thank you!!

12 03 2008
micky bryce


19 03 2008
we miss abc1!

i loved hope n faith, 8 simple rules, home improvement and rodney!!!!!!!!! WHY DID THEY TAKE IT OFF?????????????? although the adverts were stupid and ellen was a stupid programme as was less than perfect SCRUBS ROKS!!#

im signing the petition!

27 01 2009

bring back abc1 comedy on free view loved all the programes

27 01 2009

I MISS , genral hospitial, gena davis show , ellen , moonlighting , hope & faith , 8 simple rules , rodney , less than perfect , home improvement , once and again , im sure iv mist some out but please just bring abc1 comedy BACK thanks

27 01 2009

also thers no channel 15 a all now

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