14 09 2007

This is like torture… I just want the new season to start, so I have something to write about! The pilots for Journeyman and Life are out in the wild, I haven’t got around to watching them though. I did manage to catch the opening few minutes of the pilot of Californication yesterday, and if you’ve seen it yourself you will know that it was more than enough to make me come back for more at some point, and not delete it from my hard drive as I was intending.

More in preparation for the new season than anything, here is another article about downloading your favourite shows to watch when you want, an idiot-proof guide if you will. Click here for satisfaction of a non-sexual nature. Here is a random quote:-

According to a report published in 2006, “Australians are responsible for 15.6 percent of all online TV piracy, bested only by Britain, which accounts for 38.4 percent. The US lags behind in third position at 7.3 percent.”

Wow, it really makes you think. How can we get this stuff to international markets faster… hmmm.




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