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30 09 2007

This is a picture of my desktop. We bought this laptop for the sole purpose of downloading and browsing, and the unwatched TV is building up. I started my new job last week, and I have realised that this Monday-Friday 9-5 is going to seriously eat into my TV time. Also, in living with my fiancee, I find myself watching more shows that she is interested in, which leaves me wondering how 24 wil go down in January (that is of course, if Keifer isn’t in prison by then).

And to add to that,  of everything I’ve watched so far, I haven’t found a show that I can honestly say I’ll be following this time next year. Hopefully the 2nd episode of Pushing Daisies and Chuck will make a fan out of me. More to come on my online TV shenanigans in a bit.




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1 10 2007
Chris Mohan

I thought Chuck was horrible… cliched, cheap looking and without a definitive style. I was looking forward to it, but now I dont think it sees it past episode 9…. Why do they have to portray IT people as friendless, in-breeds in every TV show. The Big Brain Theory was sooooo disappointing. The clips I’d seen before were really funny but again it decided to cliche the whole topic.

K-Ville has a great feel but I’m not buying the chemistry between any of the characters and is it just me, but with the amount of TV I watch, does it get annoying when you see the same actors in all these shows….?

Private Practice was dreadful, worse than Greys Anatomy has become (I used to think it was a pretty great show but has become an hour long chick flick every week)

Back to You is ‘nearly’ good. The comedic actors are superb but its let down by some poor direction and editing.

Journeyman was alright. I actually enjoyed it more than I thought I would. They wasted what would have been a great bit of TV at the end (ring in the patio) by glossing over it and wrapping things up. I’ll be watching next week.

And sadly to say the best new show I have seen so far has actually been Gossip Girl. I know its trash and its a guilt pleasure (much like the OC and One Tree Hill) but I actually quite like it and it definitely is a show that knows its audience, knows the look its trying to portray and sticks to it.

Still to watch… Life, Moonlight, Dirty Sexy Money and Cane. Not getting excited about any of them.

Pushing Daisies I do love. Just

1 10 2007
Corrupted Mind

Its kinda funny but I do agree with you… what show will I still be watching by next year. I can already feel shows dropping off my schedule (My name is earl and Desperate housewives – I’m looking at you). This season is all about running a much tighter ship, only quality shows, taking up less HDD space – and more importantly time. Anything mediocre or lacking in “urgent download” appeal will have to hope that it was good enough to merit a box set purchase at the end of the season (I might be looking at 24 with that remark).

3 10 2007

give Chuck another go. Admittedly he is stereotyped, but give it time to see if he changes. we all know how different pilots can be.. Dirty Sexy Money was quite good too by the way.

@Corrupted Mind
Definitely cutting back, now that I have that 9-5 action going on. To actually have a life, I’ve found I can probably squeeze in about 7-8 hours of TV a week!!

3 10 2007

Also Chris, I agree with you about Gossip Girl (although I wouldn’t have written a post about it! Ha!) Channel 4 bought it right?

3 10 2007
Chris Mohan

I’ll not be giving up on Chuck for a while (i always give everything around 6 episodes or more, or in the case of Jericho last year a full season – which was worth it in the end) but the pressure of all the new pilots is starting to make me fall over.

No sleep, junk food and bottles of coke do not mix well with working life.

Plus I have a backlog of tv much like yourself that would make a lesser hard drive keel over and die…..

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