30 Rock S02E04 – Rosemary’s Baby

29 10 2007

This was one of the funniest episodes yet. I watched it alone at about 2am, and I was constantly trying to muffle the sounds of my own laughter not to wake people up.

Carrie Fisher made a guest appearance as a washed up comedy writer, and managed to squeeze out her most famous Princess Leia line, as well as uttering a string of obscenities reminiscent of Gob’s famous sexual harrasment speech.

By far the best scene though, and Alec baldwin’s best moment so far as Jack Donaghy was his scene with Tracy Jordan and the psychiatrist.

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24 Season 7 Trailer

25 10 2007

As Title. That 3 minute clip looks better than all of 24 hours of season 6. Click here for the DivX version. Watch it after the break:-

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Heroes S02E05 – Fight or Flight

23 10 2007

A bit of a slow episode, but I am just so happy that Kristen bell has found paid employment again! I am willing to give them time, but I hope that all the story threads come together in a coherent and credible way. Until that time, I will reserve judgment. Also, I love the nightmare mans power. That was insane. Watch the promo for next week after the jump:-

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Discovery HD

19 10 2007

Did I ever tell you about the time I was looking through the EPG and I saw something on Discovery HD called African Megaflyover? Being English, I assumed this was a construction show about a new road linking several countries on “The Dark Continent”, as news bulletins liked to call it up until recently.

Imagine my surprise when I settled down to a documentary about one man and his Bi-plane, flying over the country taking pictures for mapping purposes. I just thought I would share that with you. Up until now it’s been my secret shame.

Scrubs Promo

18 10 2007

Why do NBC always do this? Remember the promo for season 3 of The Office, with a montage of Jim and Pam as if we had been waiting two years for them to kiss? Or the trailers for the Friends episodes where Joey fell in love (although he got over that quicker than a writer can pen a new draft)? Well the guys in Promos at NBC have struck again, this time with the trailer for the final season of Scrubs. Watch it with a sick bag by your side after the jump:-

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George Lucas punches dead horse in the ribs!

17 10 2007

… Or something. Makes for a more sensationalist headline than “flogging”. But that is exactly what the Creator of the Star Wars series of movies is doing, with his announcement yesterday that he plans to work on a TV series based on the movies, involving some of the lesser characters from the films. I don’t know if he was joking (hard to gauge tone from printed text) when he said

it’s about minor characters (…) the life of robots.

5 years of C-3PO and R2? Well that doesn’t sound crap at all Mr Lucas, get the funding together, sketch out some ideas and make a pilot! Lets do it! (Again, hard to gauge tone).

Screenwipe S04E03

7 10 2007

This weeks Screenwipe had us in stitches, it truly is a show that I wish I had created, commisioned, written, starred in and shat on all at the same time. His rants included the BBC’s guidelines for closing credits, a craptastic show on BBC One that I imagine millions watch called Street Doctor and the highlights of Billie Piper’s new soft porn show on ITV2. But the best bit by far was a quick rundown of someone who wants a career in TV. Watch it and laugh/cry (delete as applicable) after the jump:-

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