3 10 2007

I guess I could call this my favourite thing on TV, because there is nothing I look forward to more at the moment. I only noticed once I had installed the BBC’s iPlayer, but apparently Charlie Brooker returned to BBC Four last week, and he came out swinging against Reality TV, Heroes and even his own channel towards the end. watch a clip (not the best moment of the show, just the only clip I could find) after the jump.



2 responses

3 10 2007
Chris Mohan

I agree, fantastic TV. Very funny.

Thing is, while I think hes a pretty great critic, I find myself disagreeing with him all the time.
Thing is, after last nights episode I expect a great deal of complaints over the Bobby Sands joke….it was in poor taste and he really would have been best advised not to go ahead with it. Still, do enough people watch BBC 4 to notice??

16 11 2007
Darren James

To be honest it makes a very refreshing change to see someone saying exactly what we are all thinking just a shame not enough of us have the balls to do it

TOP JOB and well worth watching

made my evening

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