George Lucas punches dead horse in the ribs!

17 10 2007

… Or something. Makes for a more sensationalist headline than “flogging”. But that is exactly what the Creator of the Star Wars series of movies is doing, with his announcement yesterday that he plans to work on a TV series based on the movies, involving some of the lesser characters from the films. I don’t know if he was joking (hard to gauge tone from printed text) when he said

it’s about minor characters (…) the life of robots.

5 years of C-3PO and R2? Well that doesn’t sound crap at all Mr Lucas, get the funding together, sketch out some ideas and make a pilot! Lets do it! (Again, hard to gauge tone).




3 responses

18 10 2007
Corrupted Mind

Hate to disagree with my esteemed friend, but this is just the sort of thing that has “limitless” possibilities (much more than 5 seasons my friend), its a fantastical world, with characters that mostly have no backstories, the rules of the real world, physics, chemistry will not apply – only we’ll get the Empire (Bad Guys) and the Rebellion (Good Guys). I see nothing but $$$ and plenty of episodes. Only two pieces of advice for ol’ George – when imagining characters think Han Solo rather than Jar Jar Blinks. Secondly, when thinking of setting – think A New Hope onwards rather than Episode 1. Other than that, soon tv a hit I think! (Said in the style of Yoda, or Mr Roy 4th yr Physics WCS)

22 10 2007
Edward Lacdao

If Mr Lucas is at the helm, it will bomb like a T16 skyhopper. He has a very broad imagination for creating characters, but very narrow minded when developing one. His characters tend to be very one-dimensional.

If the series is developed like a Babylon 5 or Deep Space 9 type thing, it can do really well and obviously with some clever writing can go on for many seasons.

Even after the abysmal Episodes One through to Three I am still a huge Starwars fan and all that is in it’s universe. I hope it does well and will bring me into another fantastical world far, far away.

29 10 2007

Luckily I can’t stand the Star Wars franchise. As a Terminator fan, however, I feel I can relate. The difference between the two is that your franchise is being strangled by the baby’s father. At least with The Terminator there was a decade long legal battle.

Great blog.

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